Brother flays Elton John over their father's portrayal in his autobiography 'Me'

Elton John's brother asks if the singer has had a massive memory loss.

Elton John
Elton John's brother has hit back at the singer for intentionally demonising their father in new autobiography Source: Instagram

Elton John and his new book have apparently miffed his brother. The Your Song star has been reportedly slammed by his half-brother Geoff for belittling their father in his new autobiography.

The new book, titled Me by Elton John, is a memoir of the singer's life and contains anecdotes of how he believed his father, the late Stanley Dwight, failed to support his choice of career and never told his son he loved or was proud of him.

But according to John's half-brother, the singer only chooses to "believe what he wants to believe", adding that the 72-year-old seems to have suffered from a "massive memory loss". As per reports, John wrote in the book: "I don't recall [my father] ever coming to see me play live, or talking about music with him. What I was doing clearly wasn't really his thing."

But Geoff clearly has a counter-argument for this, for he told The Mirror that their father had taken the whole family to see the Don't Go Breaking My Heart crooner perform in Liverpool once, a time when Geoff was merely five-years-old.

He said, "I don't understand because my mum, my dad and me, we all went to see him as his guests in Liverpool. That was definitely a concert, my dad was definitely there, he was definitely playing and we definitely watched it."

The 53-year-old further added in his frustration: "Either he has got massive memory loss and he genuinely thinks his dad hasn't seen him in concert or maybe he wants to believe that."

Geoff was born to Stanley from his second wife Edna, after he split from his first wife and John's mother Sheila in 1962. Geoff further said of the singer: "[Elton] is playing the blame card. But our parents came from war, where men had to be men and women had to be women. It's a different world."

But it seems that the Rocketman star isn't getting too hot-and-bothered about his brother's feelings, for a spokesperson of the singer issued a statement saying, "Elton stands by what he said in the book about his dad never seeing him perform."