Truth about Victoria, David Beckham 'saved' from divorce, renewing their vows

David and Victoria Beckham
Instagram/David Beckham

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham were recently surrounded with false rumours that the two stars are planning to renew their marriage vows after they made it through a rough patch in their relationship. According to Star magazine, the couple "saved" their marriage and are not heading for divorce anymore.

However, these claims are false as Victoria and David did not go through marriage troubles and are not renewing their vows, Gossip Cop reported. The couple has been together for 20 years already and has four kids together: Brooklyn, 20, Romeo James, 17, Harper Seven, 8, and Cruz, 14.

An unreliable source told Star magazine that Victoria and David are "in a great place right now, after doing a lot of work to repair their relationship over the past year."

"There'll be a cocktail party in London beforehand, and the main event will likely be at their country estate," the source added.

David and Victoria have been surrounded with marriage trouble rumours for months. Earlier this year, Victoria spoke to The Guardian, saying that the divorce rumours were baseless.

"People are interested in my personal life. And sometimes that works in my favor and sometimes it's things that I don't like. I'm not going to let it get me down," Victoria told the publication. "You do have to be quite controlling because people do believe what they read, and when it's completely fabricated, that's really annoying."

Star magazine had claimed last month that David and Victoria were divorcing after the football star impregnated their daughter's teacher. However, none of the rumours are true.