British Woman Who Threw Knife at Boyfriend, Killed Him Following Argument Said He Choked Her Till She Passed Out During 'Rape'-Like Sex

A British woman who is accused ofstabbing her boyfriend to death said she he often choked her till she passed out during "rough sex."

Hayley Keating, 31, said she awoke on one occasion to find Matthew Wormleighton, 45, being intimate with her and that "it felt like rape."

She is charged with murdering Wormleighton, who died from a single stab wound to the chest at her home in Chilthorne Domer, Somerset, on 14 May last year.

Keating Stabbed Wormleighton Because 'He Was Trying to Leave Her'

Hayley Keating and Matthew Wormleighton
Hayley Keating and Matthew Wormleighton Twitter

During her trial at Bristol Crown Court on Monday, the court heard the recording of Keating's call to emergency services.

"Oh my God," Keating said. "I've stabbed him and now he's f--king dying. I have stabbed the c--t and now he's dying."

"I just thrown a knife at him because I was angry and now he's f--king dying. Please get here now," she continued.

The jury was shown police body-worn camera footage of Keating's arrest. She is heard to tell officers: "If I was trying to kill someone would I call you, would I call an ambulance?"

The prosecutor has told the jury Keating was "angry and upset because Matthew Wormleighton was trying to leave her" and picked up the biggest knife in the kitchen, but clearly regretted what she had done immediately afterwards. She said the defence case is that the victim was violent towards her both in the past and on the night in question, and frightened her. Neighbors reported arguing and doors being slammed in the moments leading up to the incident.

Keating Said Womleighton Would Strangle Her During Their 'Rough Sex' Encounters

Keating told the court that Wormleighton liked to strangle her during sex until she was unconscious. She said the couple would engage in "rough sex."

"Sometimes he would choke me out, I would pass out," she said. "Sometimes he would do it with his hands. Sometimes he would do it with a belt, quickly around my head in a loop.

Hayley Keating
Hayley Keating Facebook

"I would be on all fours and he was behind me. I would pass out and it was scary coming back round. I didn't really say anything, I just told him to be careful. I was okay with it, he liked it, he liked doing it," she added.

"Being totally out didn't do anything for me. I was happy to do things for him." She said there was one occasion when she regained consciousness to find Wormleighton being intimate with her, and said she told him "it felt like rape."

Knife Punctured Wormleighton's Lung, Caused Fatal Blood Loss

Home Office pathologist, Dr Amanda Jeffery, told the court the 20cm blade passed between two ribs and penetrated deep into Mr Wormleighton's left lung, causing significant vascular injury and fatal blood loss.

Dr Jeffery said that after Keating made the emergency call it took medics 28 minutes to arrive at the scene and start treatment. "I don't think it was survivable," Dr. Jeffery told the court.

A minimum of mild force caused the wound, the court heard, but Dr Jeffery said: "The likelihood of a knife being thrown, penetrating to a 10cm depth, is slim but should not be considered impossible."

"It is more likely to have been caused by a held in the hand stabbing motion into the body," he noted.