British woman captures alien-like insect, video goes viral

alien-like insect
alien-like insect Tech Crunch/ YouTube grab

In a jaw-dropping video, a creature, which looks like a giant spider, was captured and the footage has gone viral on social media soon after its release.

The video was showing that the creature was trying to get rid of its old skin and because of that, it gave an illusion that it is a 16 legged creature. However, ultimately a person helped the creature and after seven minutes, when it successfully removed the skin, the video showed that it has eight legs.

According to, the incident happens in the city of Ballarat in Victoria, Australia. While filming the video there was a time when the joint-legged invertebrate animal was not moving at all. So the woman, who was shooting the video thought that the creature had died.

Tech Crunch/ YouTube

The video was posted on Facebook and it has been viewed over 13,000 times, with mixed reactions. Some of them said the video was "amazing" and "magical". Even though it looked like a common British house spider, the witnesses did not agree to mention it as a usual one.

"Wow! I always find their moults but never caught one in the act before. How disgustingly fascinating. I have a huntsman called Heather who shares my house but I have still never been lucky enough to see this before," said a person from the family where the creature was found.

There were some reports of this kind of sightings over the years. Last year also there was a video where a terrifying alien-like creature was captured in Indonesia. When the picture and video went online the people reacted in horror.