Brian Laundrie Seen Digging a Hole in a Video Near Gabby Petito's Van? Internet Also Finds Van's Rear Door Closing

Speculations were rife about Brian Laundrie being spotted near the white colored van visible in the video clip released by YouTube user Red, White & Bethune. Internet sleuths claimed that the 'man' was seen digging and closing the rear door of the abandoned van found parked near Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park.

Police have found a body in Wyoming national park, which resembles and is likely that of Long Island native Gaby Petito, 22, who disappeared while on a cross-country trip with her boyfriend, Laundrie last month. A full autopsy will be carried to determine the cause of the death and if it is indeed the body of Petito, according to Charles Jones, a special agent with the FBI's Denver office.

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie
Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie Instagram

Travel Bloggers Spotted the Abandoned Van

In a video posted on their YouTube channel, the travel blogger couple claimed that they found Petito's converted white van abandoned near the park, two days after her family last heard from her, on August 27.

"We came across a white van that had Florida plates. A small white van. We were going to stop and say hi because we're from Florida too, but the van was completely dark. There was nobody there, so we decided to continue on our way," said Jenn Bethune in the video.

Claiming that they spotted the abandoned van parked on the dirt path twice, once on the way into the park and another time on the way out, the couple said it was first found around 6 or 6:30 p.m. "It's kind of freaky for a late Saturday evening. But we just kind of had a brain fart, 'Oh, there's that van," Kyle Bethune said.

'Mystery Man' Baffles Internet

Soon after the clip went viral, several conspiracy theories surrounding the abandoned van surfaced. While some of the users claimed that they spotted a man closing the rear door of the van, others pointed to a figure digging a hole nearby.

The users also claimed to have spotted a pair of flipflops, possibly belonging to the deceased woman. Twitter user @brent_shavnore wrote, "I zoomed in, enhanced, and stabilized the Red White and Bethune video of the #gabbypetitio and #BrianLaundrie van in Grand Teton . It looks to me like someone is in the van with the back door cracked open then closes it when hearing the oncoming vehicle. What are your thoughts?"

He also posted a close up image of a pair of flipflops found on the ground near the rear door of the van. "Another note, a pair of flip flops can be seen below the right rear door, the one that appears to slowly close."

"Honestly, my biggest question regarding the Red White and Bethune video is what happens to that 4 seconds of film that is cut out shortly after what appears to be the rear door closing? Why make a cut right there?" he went on to add in another tweet.

"Anyone else notice the van door shut as Youtubers Red White & Bethune approach? I'm surprised people aren't talking about this," tweeted another user.

There were many others who even spotted a man digging a hole in the field near the van raising the speculations that it might be Laundrie. "This video is crazy. I believe it shows Brian Laundrie digging in the clearing to the left of where their van camper is parked," tweeted a user.

"A clearer pinpointed shot of what looks to be Brian Laundrie digging a hole. My heart breaks for the Petito Family. I can not imagine. I am so very sorry for your loss. May beautiful Gabbie Rest In Paradise. And may JUSTICE prevail," wrote another.