Boeing Whistleblower John Barnett Found Dead Mysteriously with 'Self-Inflicted" Wound

Barnett was found in his truck after failing to attend a legal interview related to the Boeing case

While stories of Boeing's aircrafts' related incidents are continuing for previous some time, John Barnett, a former employee of Boeing who had voiced concerns regarding the company's production standards, has been found dead under mysterious circumstances in the United States, as per media reports.

John Barnett
Boeing whistleblower John Barnet found dead with 'Self-inflicted' wound

Who was John Barnett:

John Barnett, aged 62, had dedicated 32 years of service to Boeing before retiring in 2017, according to information from the BBC. He was engaged in offering testimony in a whistleblower lawsuit against the corporation just days before his passing, mentioned the BBC. Barnett was identified as the quality manager at Boeing's North Charleston plant, supervising the production of the 787 Dreamliner aircraft starting in 2010, as reported by the BBC.

Concerns raised:

In 2019, Barnett revealed to the BBC that workers, under duress, were incorporating substandard components onto aircraft during production. He also highlighted significant issues concerning oxygen systems, potentially endangering safety, despite Boeing's refutation.

Beoing Plane

Allegations and repercussions:

Barnett accused Boeing of disregarding his warnings regarding rushed assembly processes and compromised safety, initiating legal action against the company post-retirement. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), in a 2017 review, partially substantiated Barnett's concerns. Boeing disputed his claims, prompting Barnett to pursue legal action, alleging defamation of character and obstruction of his career.

Investigation ongoing:

Barnett's death attributed to a "self-inflicted" wound on March 9, is currently under investigation by authorities. Reports suggest Barnett was found in his truck after failing to attend a legal interview related to the Boeing case.

Boeing expressed condolences upon learning of Barnett's death, while the Charleston County coroner confirmed the event. The circumstances surrounding Barnett's untimely demise remain under scrutiny as legal proceedings tied to his case continue.