Brazilian Woman Dies During New Year's Eve Celebrations After Video Shows Firework Getting Caught in Clothes [GRAPHIC]

A mother-of-two was killed during New Year's Eve celebrations after a firework got caught in her clothes and exploded before she could remove it.

Elisangela Tinem, 38, tragically died when a firework exploded on a Brazilian beach amid gatherings, and allegedly some unauthorised firework displays, to celebrate the arrival of the new year.

Tinem's Death Being Treated as Homicide

Elisangela Tinem
Elisangela Tinem (left) and a still from the video of the tragic incident. Facebook

A 24-second clip has emerged showing the moments before the tourist's death on a beach in Praia Grande, Sao Paulo, which is now being treated as a homicide investigation.

The video shows crowds of people standing on the beach enjoying the fireworks display. However, all of a sudden the camera pans around to show flashes of light closer to the ground, followed by a loud bang

A number of people jump away from the explosion, while others, including the cameraperson, run away. When the camera pans back, a body appears to be on the ground. The following video is graphic in nature. Viewer discretion is advised:

Elisangela's two children were said to have witnessed their mother's death and her funeral was due to take place this afternoon in the city of Sao Paulo, where she was from.

Unauthorised Fireworks to Blame?

Witness Luiza Ferreira, 20, told a local news outlet that several unauthorised fireworks displays were taking place on the beach and said, "I saw a huge flash just as it turned midnight and I was hugging my mum and then everyone started screaming."

"I saw a woman lying on the ground bleeding when I went to look and the boy who was with her was also on the ground," she added. "Other people were running to get away from the area."

A 41-year-old cousin of the victim is understood to have told police the firework exploded after getting caught in her clothes.

It has been confirmed the pyrotechnic device had not been lit by the family and a homicide investigation is now underway that is expected to lead to manslaughter charges if the person who set off the firework is located.