Brazilian Referee Caught Urinating on Field without Taking His Shorts Down Before Match [VIDEO]

In the video, da Silva can be seen loosening his shorts after glancing behind his back and peeing virtually over the match ball placed on the center line.

A Brazilian referee was caught on camera urinating in the center circle seconds before the start of a cup match in Brazil. And that too, when both the sides were already on field readying for the kick-off of a final match. Denis da Silva Ribeiro Serafim peed in his pants without taking his shorts down as he was being filmed on TV ahead of 45 minutes of first-half action.

Although commentators failed to notice him peeing, it caught the eyes of some of the spectators who filmed him in the act. The video of the incident that was shared on social media went viral even before the match was over and is still be shared by millions.

Caught on Camera

Referee peeing on ground
The referee caught on camera peeing on the ball Twitter

De Silva urinated in his pants and that too in front of thousands of spectators and players but did it so discreetly that the commentators also failed to pick up on the shocking moment as he introduced the match official and two linesmen just before the start of the Copa de Brasil clash between Boavista and Goias on Thursday.

However, the bizarre moment didn't escape the eyes of many spectators, who captured the urine running down the de Silva's leg. In the video, da Silva can be seen loosening his shorts after glancing behind his back and peeing virtually over the match ball.

He then steps away from the centre circle as trying to act as if just tripped in the street. He is then seen breaking into a run to cover up his gaffe as if nothing had actually happened.

The incident happened at Elcyr Resende stadium in Saquarema near Rio de Janeiro.

Saving Lost Time

The referee probably ran out of time to use the toilets in his changing room before heading onto the pitch. A wet patch could be also seen on his shorts. So he decided to take matters into his own hands and relieved himself on the pitch itself.

De Silva referee
De Silva after peeing on the center line before the start of the match Twitter

However, he is being slammed for what he finally did. Interestingly, spectators were more excited about the incident than the match results which Boavista won leg 3-1. One social media user wrote: "That's not pee pee. That's holy water the referee places on the pitch to bless the match so it occurs without violence or fights."

"The ref peed in his pants so he didn't have to go to the toilet and delay the match," wrote another user. This, however, isn't the first time such an incident has happened during a match. Last summer Eoin Bradley was spotted peeing on the pitch during a break in play in the Irish Cup semi-final between Coleraine and Ballymena United. Bradley scored from a free-kick in that match and also missed a penalty shot, but it was the incident of urinating on the ground that grabbed more eyeballs.