Brave Girls' New Commercial Garners Negative Publicity and Reason Will Surprise You

Brave Girls group is on demand. Thanks to the success of its comeback track 'Chi Mat Ba Ram', the group has been flooded with lots of assignments. Notably, it is getting plenty of advertisement offers.

Brave Girls
Brave Girls. Instagram

25 Ads in 2 Months
In fact, a report claims that Brave Girls has done over 25 commercials in just the last two months. They have done advertisements for many companies that include ads for a video game, chicken, clothing, and frying pan brands.

Even as the fans are counting the number of ads, Brave Girls has done since their recent track became a hit, here is a commercial which is facing a backlash from a section of netizens.

The group had recently done an ad for a traditional Korean herbal medicine brand, Gujeon Nokyong. Set in the office backdrop, the manager informs the employees to work late into the evening in the commercial.

One of the workers goes crazy over the announcement, leaving some employees confused and annoyed. The Brave Girls enter the scene and reveals that his batteries are charged up with Gujeon Nokyong herbal drink. Hence, he is happy to work late nights.

This has not gone well with a section of people as the ad promotes unhealthy work culture. Many have raised objections to the message stating that working late at night should not be an option at all.

On the other hand, the fans of Brave Girls are quite surprised to see the reason why the girl group is facing backlash for the ad.

Brave Girls Takes 1 Win
The girl group has won its first award for 'Chi Mat Ba Ram'. On South Korean music television program aired on SBS MTV, it emerged victorious with 7015 points. EPEX's 'Lock Down,' GOT7's BamBam's 'riBBon,' and Brave Girls' 'Chi Mat Ba Ram' were in the race.

'Chi Mat Ba Ram' is the lead single from Brave Girls' fifth mini-album Summer Queen.