Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson 'moving in together'

Brad Pitt is single after splitting with Angelina Jolie.

Kate Hudson and Brad Pitt
Kate Hudson and Brad Pitt are allegedly planning to move in together Reuters

American actor and producer Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson are allegedly getting serious about each other. An American tabloid has come up with claims that the two are moving in together.

A source told Star magazine: "They've been secretly meeting up since they first got together two months ago."

"And as he gets closer to actually cutting the cord with Angie, Brad will have even more time to spend with Kate. When that happens, I think it won't take long until he takes the next big step and actually moves in with Kate at her Pacific Palisades mansion," the insider added.

Brangelina fans around the world were shocked after Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt on 19 September citing irreconcilable differences.

Meanwhile, Marion Cotillard was also blamed for the couple's separation. The French actress and Pitt had worked together in the spy thriller Allied, and unfortunately, the Macbeth star's name was dragged into their split.

In an interview on The Today Show, the pregnant actress responded to rumours that they were having an affair. She said: "I never take anything personally when it doesn't concern me. So I didn't take it personally because I had nothing to do with those rumors or situation... I don't give energy to this."