Boyzone's Ronan Keating Rubs the BTS Army Wrong Way

The BTS Army is up in arms against Ronan Keating, a member of Boyzone and radio DJ. The latter had given free advice on his Magic Radio in the UK to the world's most popular boy group which has not gone well with the fans. So, what did he say?

Boyzone's Ronan Keating Rubs the BTS Army Wrong Way
Boyzone's Ronan Keating's advice not go well with BTS Army. Instagram

Reacting to the reports of Big Hit Entertainment launching a new boyband in 2022, Ronan Keating opposed this idea assuming that the BTS is launching the new group while talking to co-host Harriett Scott.

Advice to BTS
"Here's the advice I give BTS, don't do it. Louis Walsh and myself had this idea, we should start a boyband while Boyzone were at their peak. And we did, we started a boyband called Westlife and they became bigger than Boyzone.It's like BTS what are you thinking? Is this what you want? It's not big and it's not clever boys. They'll be big but it's not clever. So yeah there's my advice, walk away." he is quoted as saying On the Radio website.

The fans of the BTS were quite upset about his views since the group is not coming up with the idea and Big Hit Entertainment is launching it. The Army urged him to do proper research before expressing his views

A user writes, "This is so bad I'm actually laughing. They did zero research. So pathetic honestly.[sic]" Another person tweets, "This is an all around no for me. The total lack of research, the condescending tone, and let's forget the cringe worthy last paragraph.

BTS. Twitter

Another fan posted, "BTS are a band. They aren't doing any searching for any other band. BTS are full grown men, they know what they're doing. BTS are just fine. [sic]"

If it was not enough, Ronan Keating had advice for the people, who are going to audition and this angered the fans further. The 43-year old RJ and musician said, "That's really important, you know reach for the mirror and grab that heart and pull it towards yours... if you can get that right the Korean Louis Walsh will love you... It's about looking down that lens and making that boy or girl believe that you are looking into their eyes and that it's you that they want in your life, in their heart and in your bed."

A fan responded, "He literally just called Bang PD "Korean Louis Walsh"...out of all the insults and names that Bang PD has been called, that one might be the worst!! [sic]"

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