'Boycott Dior' Trends as Brand Replaces Bella Hadid with Israeli Model May Tager

Both Dior and Bella Hadid have not confirmed the reports yet

In a surprising move, luxury fashion brand Dior has reportedly chosen to replace supermodel Bella Hadid, a long-time brand ambassador, with Israeli model May Tager for their latest ad campaign. This decision has ignited a wave of criticism and calls for a boycott on social media.

Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid has reported been replaced with May Tager by luxury fashion brand Dior

The controversy quickly gained traction, with the hashtag "Boycott Dior" trending on social media platforms, including X (formerly Twitter). Many internet users are expressing their disapproval of Dior's decision to part ways with the Palestinian-American model, Bella Hadid.

The timing of this controversy coincides with the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, which has persisted for a month and has tragically resulted in the deaths of over 10,300 people, primarily civilians, in Gaza as Israel advances towards the heart of Gaza City.

What Sparked the Controversy?

The news of Dior's decision to replace Bella Hadid was initially reported by the Turkish news agency Yeni Şafak English on Tuesday. However, both Dior and Bella Hadid have yet to release official statements regarding this change.

Local Israeli newspapers commented on the situation, stating, "While many companies around the world refrain from openly supporting Israel, international brand Dior has chosen Israeli model May Tager to lead their campaign, a role previously held by Bella Hadid, who has long been an advocate for the Palestinian cause and a vocal critic of Israel."

Bella Hadid, of Palestinian descent, has been known for her outspoken support for the Palestinian cause and her criticism of Israeli policies. She has served as Dior's brand ambassador since 2016 and used her platform as a celebrity to advocate for Palestinian rights. Bella Hadid's remarkable career includes 29 appearances on international Vogue covers, the title of Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council in 2022, and a place on Time magazine's list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2023.

However, her silence during the initial weeks of the latest conflict drew criticism, especially after her sister, Gigi Hadid, openly expressed her disapproval of Israel. Bella Hadid eventually broke her silence on October 27 with a heartfelt Instagram post, apologizing for her delay in speaking out and emphasizing the importance of not remaining silent in the face of the ongoing crisis.

Meet May Tager

May Tager, a 24-year-old Israeli model, is renowned for her work with international brands like Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, and Victoria's Secret, among others. In 2020, she became the first Israeli model to participate in a photoshoot in the United Arab Emirates, a notable event during a period of normalization between the two nations.

May tager
Israeli Model May Tager

Born in November 1998, May Tager grew up in Israel after her parents relocated from Denmark. She currently resides in New York.

Internet's Reaction

The internet swiftly responded to Dior's decision with widespread criticism. Many netizens not only expressed their disapproval of Dior's choice but also criticized the brand's association with Johnny Depp. The hashtag "Boycott Dior" gained significant momentum on X.

One user commented, "The fact that Dior still gives the wife-beater Johnny Depp a platform but cuts ties with Bella Hadid and instead employs an Israeli model despite everything that has happened this past month just tells you everything about that brand."

Another user on X wrote, "Mohamed Hadid's family lost their home in Palestine to the occupiers. Bella Hadid was dropped by the fashion label Dior and replaced by an Israeli model."

The controversy surrounding Dior's decision continues to unfold as discussions and debates intensify across social media platforms.