Bosnian Bodybuilder Livestreams Execution of Ex-Wife, Kills 2 Others Before Turning Gun on Himself

Nermin Sulejmanovic
Nermin Sulejmanovic with his ex-wife and child. Twitter

In a disturbing incident, a Bosnian bodybuilder killed his ex-wife while broadcasting the horrific incident live on Instagram.

Following this gruesome murder, he proceeded to claim the lives of two more people while managing to elude law enforcement, ultimately choosing to end his own life on Friday.

'You're Going to See Something You've Never Seen Before'

The 35-year-old Nermin Sulejmanovic filmed at least three videos documenting the violent spree in the northeastern town of Gradacac.

The unsettling sequence of events began on a Friday morning when Sulejmanovic shared a video on his Instagram account, forewarning his followers that they were about to witness a live execution.

Subsequently, he moved the camera towards his ex-wife, whose face was damaged by injuries and appeared bloodied and disfigured, as reported by the local news outlet Telegraf.

"Hey guys, you're going to see something you've never seen before - a live murder. It's a massacre," Sulejmanovic sai while holding a gun in his hand.

The video then pans across a blood-soaked patio of a home to a badly injured woman sitting on a bench as a small child cries in the background. Sulejmanović, who says the woman is his wife, demands to know why she gave information to the police about him.

Barely able to speak because of grievous injuries to her face and head from what appeared to be a brutal pre-video beating, the woman – who police identified as Nevzeta Hećimović – said, with great difficulty, she feared for her life and the life of her child. He then shoots the woman a single time in the head.

The following video is extremely graphic in nature. Viewer discretion is advised.

'Someone Come and Save the Child'

Sulejmanovic then pans the camera to a toddler lying on the floor crying. "Here, someone come and save the child. Moving on," he said before leaving the house.

Shortly after fleeing the scene, Sulejmanovic killed two other people.

Officials said that Sulejmanović had killed a total of three people – the woman in the video along with two other men, believed to be a father and son identified as Džengiz Onder and Džengiz Denis. He is also believed to have wounded three others, including a police officer, before police and Bosnian special forces units cornered him. After a brief standoff with police, Sulejmanović killed himself.

Sulejmanovic was Linked to a Notorious Drug Cartel, Had a History of Violence

Sulejmanovic, a bodybuilding and fitness instructor linked to a notorious Bosnian drug cartel operating out of the northern city of Tuzla, was described in local media as a frequent target for police investigations with multiple arrests and convictions for violence and drug dealing before Friday's brutal murders.