Bored of Self-Isolation? NASA Offers You Chance For Simulated Quarantine, Fat Pay Thrown in Too

The experiment is meant to analyze the effects of isolation and quarantine on the human body

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Even as most people in the world are tired of self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, NASA is offering a chance to go into simulated quarantine for nearly eight months. The space agency will also pay a huge sum of money to those ready to isolate themselves in simulated conditions in Russia.

What are the Requirements to Apply for this NASA Job?

The long-term goal of NASA is to set up a Mars colony by 2030. In order to set up the space colony, NASA aims to train astronauts to live in conditions that are very similar to the Red Planet. Before NASA reaches the Red Planet, it wants people to imagine they're headed to Mars. The Moscow mission is intended to achieve this.

NASA says they are planning to send six people to Moscow to understand the "physiological and psychological effects of isolation and confinement on humans in preparation for Artemis exploration missions to the Moon and future long-duration missions to Mars."

To apply for this position, the age of the applicant should be between 30 to 55. The applicant should be proficient in English and Russian and have a master's, doctorate or medical degree. The person who wishes to spend time in the simulated setting should have also completed military training.

An Attempt to Study Effects of Isolation

NASA, in a recent statement, said the experiment is being conducted to analyze the effects of isolation and quarantine on the human body.

"The research will be conducted to study the effects of isolation and confinement as participants work to successfully complete their simulated space mission. Results from ground-based missions like this help NASA prepare for the real-life challenges of space exploration and provide important scientific data to solve some of these problems and to develop countermeasures," said NASA.

Private space company SpaceX led by Elon Musk is also planning to take humans to Mars in the near future. A few months back, Musk claimed that the future government that will be set up on Mars will be based on direct democracy. He made it clear that citizens of Mars will have a direct role in the decision-making process while living on the Red Planet.

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