Are NASA's Findings on Parallel Universe Different From Elements in The King: Eternal Monarch Drama?

NASA's Findings on Parallel Universe Have Rekindled People's Interest in Dramas, TV shows, Movies, Books on the Subject

NASA's findings on the Parallel Universe have let people surf through books, TV shows, dramas and movies to know more about another universe existing simultaneously. Though there is no clear answer to if the Parallel Universe really exists, it has made people interested in the concept for sure.

Currently airing Korean drama, "The King: Eternal Monarch" has a parallel world as its main plot and left people wondering if people from two universes co-existing without each other's knowledge can cross paths. Perhaps NASA's findings will increase interest in Lee Min Ho starrer drama that speaks about the secrets of the parallel universe.

Parallel Universe Explained in The King: Eternal Monarch

The King: Eternal Monarch
A poster of SBS drama The King: Eternal Monarch. SBS

The story is about the (Constitutional) emperor of Corea, Lee Gon (played by Lee Min Ho) traveling to the current modern Korea that is known as the Republic of Korea through a gate that opens with the help of flute-like instrument from ancient times.

These two countries are shown as normal countries consisting of people living with similar faces but set in two different periods. There is a world that is considered in between these two worlds (between zero and one) that fits the concept of a parallel universe. This place in the drama exists without light, wind, or air.

A balloon that is scientifically supposed to pop at the most in 10 hours stands there on air even after 10 days. It doesn't float or pop, it just stays where it was let go. Time flows differently. One minute there is like 10 hours in the outside world.

Even the watch one wears stops here. No one has found out how vast or deep the place is. This cannot be explained scientifically yet, says the part in the fifth episode of the drama The King: Eternal Monarch.

What do NASA's Findings Say?

Parallel Universe
A still from the Korean drama The King: Eternal Monarch. Netflix screengrab

NASA's findings from Antarctica claim the existence of a parallel universe where time moves backward and the rules of physics are opposite to that in the Earth. The cosmic ray detection experiment has found out particles that could be from a parallel realm that was born out of a big bang.

Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) of NASA that exists in the form of a giant balloon was used "to haul delicate electronic antennas high" into the dry air. There is no radio noise either. Findings also mention a constant wind of high energy particles coming from outer space. NASA stated that some particles were a million times more powerful than what is generated on Earth. Through this, it was understood that these particles were traveling backward in time.

According to Principal ANITA investigator Peter Gorham, "The only way the particles could have behaved that way is if it changed into a different type of particle before passing through the Earth and then back again."

Similarities Between Drama and NASA's Findings?

Both elements speak of air, wind, and time. In the drama there is no air and no wind too. But NASA's findings claim that there was dry air and also the constant wind of high energy particles coming from outer space. If drama speaks about time moving way faster than the actual worlds, NASA states time must be moving backward in the parallel universe.

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