Bolivian Father Kills Children with Poison-Laced Yoghurt After Their Mother Wanted to End the Relationship

A father has been jailed for 60 years after being convicted of killing his children by feeding them poisoned yoghurt because their mother wanted to end the relationship

A criminal court in the Bolivian city of La Paz heard how Javier Hernández Rojano, 37, had told his former partner that he wanted to take the children, aged seven and four, to buy new shoes on March 27.

Rojano Laced the Yoghurt with Insecticide

Javier Hernández Rojano
Javier Hernández Rojano Twitter

Instead, Rojano took his kids back to the house where he lived and poisoned his children's yoghurt with liquid insecticide before feeding it to them. The dad even consumed the toxic mixture himself before suffering from severe stomach cramps.

Seriously ill, he made his way to the local police station, where he confessed to killing his children, and received first aid. Rojano spent several weeks in intensive care recovering before he could be brought to justice. He was later charged with aggravated homicide.

The father admitted to police he decided to kill his children because his ex-wife had met someone new, investigators said. "The mother of the minors did not want to continue her relationship with her partner. He asked her to leave her children to spend a day with them. Then he poisoned them with an insecticide, "reads the report that the authorities gave.

The deaths sparked protests in the city with teachers of the Technical Agricultural Education Institute and students in that region taking to the streets to demand justice for the deceased kids.

Head of the Institute, Francisco Daza said, "For us, it is very painful because the children went to the institute's primary school." He further added, "We reject all forms of violence against children."

Rojana Had a History of Being Violent Against the Mother

According to a local news outlet, prosecutors also pointed out that Rojano had a history of being abusive towards the mother, according to her relatives.

"Relatives of these two children had reported that there were episodes of violence by this man against the mother of the children and, in effect, domestic violence was taking place, which culminated in this unfortunate event," they detailed in the statement.