South Korean Band BLACKPINK Criticized for Disrespecting Indian God Ganesha

BLACKPINK album How You Like That, which created history by crossing 70 million views in 19.55 hours, is in controversy over insulting Hindu God Ganesha.

BLACKPINK controversy
BLACKPINK's top viewed song How You Like That is in controversy for using Indian God Ganesha as a prop. YouTube screengrab

BLACKPINK is currently on cloud nine as it has crossed 75 million views and created history by setting a new record for the biggest music video premiere on YouTube with the release of its latest song How You Like That (HYLT). But this is not the only reason BLACKPINK is in the news; the song has also resulted in controversy for disrespecting Indian God Ganesha in the album.

The popular video has caught the eyes of Indians as well as fans from Thailand who worship Ganesha (known by the name Phra Phikanet in Thailand). Fans from India and Thailand have objected to using Ganesha as a prop in the album. What made them see red was that the idol was kept in lower stature than the artiste.

Fans Demand Removal of Clip From HYLT Video

If you look at the album from 1.19 seconds to 1.25 seconds, Lisa is sitting on a chair whereas the idol is kept next to her on the floor. Fans commented that the idol of God should not be kept in lower stature than human beings. It is considered disrespectful.

Another factor noticed by fans is that Lisa is wearing shoes in the shot where she is seen next to the Ganesha idol. According to Hindu belief, no shoes are allowed near idols of gods. Even while entering any temple, devotees are asked to remove their footwear.

Thus, fans commented that they have written to YG Entertainment, the agency of BLACKPINK artistes Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rosie and demanded that the clip be removed from the album HYLT. Fans also demanded an apology from BLACKPINK and YG Entertainment for insulting Lord Ganesha.

How You Like That Creates History

The unveiling of the HYLT video was witnessed by a total of 1.65 million fans. With this BLACKPINK broke the record set by BTS with the unveiling of Boy With Love music album in April. HYLT is the comeback video of BLACKPINK after missing in action for a year.

BTS had achieved 70 million views for their Boy With Love album in 21 hours 15 minutes. But BLACKPINK has crossed this milestone in 19 hours 55 minutes. BACKPINK's earlier personal record of reaching 70 million views was made with their release of album Kill This Love in April 2019. The album received 70 million views in 37 hours and 30 minutes.