Black Widow: Red Guardian's shield revealed but could it be made of vibranium? what we know

Marvel Legends toys have revealed the first look at what Red Guardian's shield looks like and it begs the question if it has also been made from the same vibranium steel

Earlier last week during CCXP Brazil 2019, Marvel Studios released the first official trailer of Black Widow. Along with it came a sleeve of big reveals such as the first look of David Harbour as Red Guardian, fully suited up but what about his choice of weapon?

For those unaware, in the comics - Red Guardian was the Soviet Union's response towards the US for creating Captain America. The first Black Widow trailer seemingly confirms that this is the case in the movie as well with Harbour's costume resembling Steve Rogers' cap persona from head to toe.

Red Guardian had a vibranium made shield in Marvel comics

Black Widow Trailer screenshot cropped
Black Widow Trailer screenshot cropped/ Youtube trailer Marvel Studios

Fans are yet to see the Red Guardian's shield from the film but thanks to Marvel Legends Toys, we now know that the shield is similar to Captain America's. You can check it out below. Captain America's shield, made out of vibranium is without a doubt the characters' best arsenal in the MCU. But is Red Guardian's shield also made out of the same steel alloy? The possibility exists.

In Marvel comics, Red Guardian's current shield was cast from Vibranium. Moreover, it also had a high-density computer using laser gyroscope so the shield can return back to its source when thrown. It's just as strong if not stronger than Cap's shield.

Red Guardian is an ally to Natasha Romanoff

It has already been established that Red Guardian is, in fact, an ally to Natasha Romanoff in Black Widow. Since the movie is taking place after the events of Captain America: Civil War, its plausible to believe that Natasha could ask for T'Challa's help in putting together a Wakandan made shield. But its just pure speculation at the moment based on the character's arc from the comics.

The action figures shown below are currently available for pre-order with the rest of all Black Widow related Marvel Legends toys. Directed by Cate Shortland, Black Widow movie hits theatres on May 1, 2020.