Black Widow Trailer: Scarlett Johansson & Rachel Weisz's sizzling spy suits revealed

Marvel Studios Black Widow Trailer reveals Scarlett Johansson's two new sizzling spy suit, Red Guardian's costume & more

Finally, the much-awaited trailer for Marvel Studios' Black Widow movie is here and with it comes several interesting juicy reveals that's sure to hype the film's anticipated release in 2020. For starters, the footage gives away an important plot point related to David Harbour's Red Guardian.

A Black Widow solo movie was one of the most desired Marvel titles but the film came after an unfortunate long delay. Scarlett Johansson is one of the few actors who's maintained a long-standing relationship with Marvel Studios, appearing in several projects. But the actor couldn't manage to get a standalone project greenlit while her character still remained as the main focus in the MCU.

Rachel Weisz is shown donning a spy suit similar to Black Widow

Black Widow Trailer screenshot cropped
Black Widow Trailer screenshot cropped/ Youtube trailer Marvel Studios

Nonetheless, even with long overdue, excitement has slowly ramped up for Black Widow and the reactions towards the new trailer is a good sign that the film is on road to success.

One thing that Marvel fans have looked forward to was witnessing Black Widow (Scarlett Johnasson) in an entirely new spy suit rather than her usual persona seen in the Avengers films. The white costume, in particular, was showcased earlier at D23 Expo and in the trailer shown exclusively at the event. But now, fans all over the world can finally see it in the video below.

Red Guardian an ally to Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow?

From the beginning, the trailer confirms the film will cover past events from Natasha Romanoff's time at SHIELD and working alongside Nick Fury and Hawkeye. "I used to have nothing. But then I got this job, [referencing SHIELD] a family," says Natasha in the trailer.

Rachel Weisz is also shown donning her very own suit but only a fare glimpse of it can be seen. Whereas Florence Pugh makes a grand entrance with a fight sequence but wasn't shown in her suit for now.

Thaddeus Ross's (William Hurt) return is also confirmed and he seems to be on Black Widow's tail. But the big reveal comes with Harbour's Red Guardian who is, in fact, an ally to Black Widow and Wesz & Florence Pugh's character rather an enemy. Black Widow will hit theatres on May 2020.