Black Rob Cause of Death: Rapper Dies Aged 51 After Suffering Kidney Failure

Black Rob, who was part of Sean "Diddy" Combs' Bad Boy label, is no more. The New York City rapper has died aged 51, according to his former label mate, Mark Curry. The news of the American rapper's death was confirmed by Curry on Saturday.

Mark Curry posted two videos on his official Instagram account where he announced the demise of his colleague. "I don't know where to begin this. But I thank everybody for the donations. Rob passed away about an hour ago," said Curry in one of the videos. Curry also said that he was with Black Rob when he took his last breath.

"Rest in peace to my brother. I was there with him. I was there with him," Curry said in the second video on Instagram. Curry said that Rob knew what he had to do for the band before he died. "This is the beginning of a new us. Rob made sure he knew what he had to do before he parted this world to make sure we all alright, and that's what he did. Bad boy for life, yo," said Curry.

Black Rob
Rapper Black Rob dies aged 51

Black Rob Cause of Death

According to the reports, rapper Black Rob died due to kidney failure and a host of other medical issues including multiple strokes. The rapper was hospitalized in Atlanta, Georgia. In Rob's final days, DJ Self posted several video clips from inside of the hospital which showed the rapper's health deteriorating rapidly. In one of the videos, Rob explained the medical issues that he had been suffering from for the past five years.

Black Rob Funeral

Black Rob's funeral has not been announced yet. However, former Bad Boy MC, Mark Curry, Saturday thanked everyone who donated to a GFM campaign in Rob's name and publicly asked Rob's children to contact him most likely for making funeral arrangements.

Black Rob Was Jailed For Theft

In 2006, rapper Black Rob was sentenced to over seven years in prison. He was charged with grand theft from 2004 in which he pleaded guilty to criminal possession of over US$6,000 worth of jewelry stolen in a hotel. Initially, he was supposed to serve a two to six years jail term but due to his failure to appear in court, he was sentenced to seven years in jail. Rob was out of prison in May 2010.