Weird jellyfish like UFO flies over Russian sky during FIFA World Cup match


A UFO seemingly in the shape of a jellyfish appeared in the Russian skies on Saturday night when the FIFA World Cup group stage matches were taking place and many local residents witnessed the weird sky phenomenon.

After witnessing such a weird incident, those people thought that aliens have entered earth and they started to capture the images of this creepy UFO that went viral on the online platforms.

Alien invasion fear crept up in Russia

The news of the UFO appearance in the skies soon became the hottest debating point among national media outlets. Setting aside the football world cup updates for a while, most of the channels started discussions about the eerie phenomenon in the skies.

After analyzing those captured images, many conspiracy theorists argued that aliens might have either arrived on the earth or enemies have waged a war against the nation.

However, cold water was poured into the speculations of alien buffs, as it turned out to be the trails produced due to the launch of the Russian Soyuz 2.1-b rocket from the Plesetsk test launch site. After some hours of the launch, the rocket successfully deployed the Glonass-M navigational satellite into the orbit.

Similar incidents in the past

A similar jellyfish UFO sighting happened in the Los Angeles on last December. The sighting literally shocked residents in Los Angeles and many people started to stop their vehicles midway on the roads to capture the spectacular sky phenomenon.

As panic gripped the entire nation, Elon Musk, the SpaceX founder tweeted that North Korea has fired a nuclear ICBM to the United States mainland. It was later revealed that Musk's tweet was sarcastic as the white trail in the sky was actually produced by SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch.

A real UFO spotted in Texas?

On the same day, Shaun, a Texas resident spotted a UFO flying above thousand feet in Houston. Interestingly, the UFO sighting happened near the Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base, a shared military facility of the USAF (US Air Force) and NASA. As the sighting happened in such a confidential area, conspiracy theorists started claiming that NASA and USAF are carrying out a secret black project in the skies.

In the midst of these increased UFO sightings all across the world, conspiracy theorists like Tyler Glockner have started arguing that something strange is going on in our skies. They even urge authorities to disclose the details behind these eerie sightings.

This article was first published on June 18, 2018
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