Birds of Prey new CCXP Brazil 2019 footage reveals major details of the movie

Day one at the CCXP Brazil 2019 seems to have clearly played out in favour of Warner Bros with Birds of Prey on front and centre during its main stage panel presentation. As expected, star Margot Robbie & the rest presented all the attendees/DC fans with a never before seen footage.

The brand new trailer of Birds of Prey is yet to be released for worldwide conception. But fortunately, journalists at the Brazil Comic-con convention that witnessed the footage have given away the description. For starters, the attendees have already gotten a glimpse at the beginning of the movie.

Birds of Prey movie opening scene revealed

Birds of Prey poster cropped
Birds of Prey poster cropped/ official Instagram

The convention exclusive footage from Birds of Prey gave DC fans the first few minutes from the movie's opening sequence. As noted by THR, there were moments when the crowd's enthusiasm made the dialogues inaudible.

However, the report says that it showed Harley narrating the events of her new beginning, breakup and finding a new place to live with new loved ones. It doesn't come without some gore as Harley boots off the dead pet store owner after saying he'd accept "payment in kind".

Jared Leto's Joker references confirmed

Jared Leto
Jared Leto plays villain,  The Joker in the new movie Suicide Squad Reuters

Yes, Jared Leto's Joker is very much a part of Harley's arc in Birds of Prey. But only as a means to put an end of the only reference to the DCEU's clown prince of crime is that she's finally broken up with him. The opening scene and as the earlier trailer revealed, she moves out of his life to create her own.

Batman/Bruce Wayne reference

Birds of Prey may be a Harley Quinn spin-off but nonetheless, the character exits inside the Batman universe and there's no way DC's female-centric team-up film wouldn't have a reference to the Dark Knight. But this time, its a direct easter egg type reference aimed at Bruce Wayne himself. The CCXP exclusive footage confirms that Harley's two new Hyena pets are named Wayne and Bruce.

First look at Black Mask's comic accurate face

DC fans don't need to fret over Birds of Prey possibly disappointing with their Black Mask character design-build. The Wrap film journalist Umberto Gonazelz confirmed in a tweet that actor Ewan McGregor's Roman Sionis will be getting a comic-accurate mask.

Black Canary's cry superhero ability

The first trailer barely teases Black Canary's cry ability but the brand new footage seems to have shown actress Jurnee Smollett-Bell in action screaming out her power. A promotional Birds of Prey clip being played during the cast's arrival on stage also teased a similar sequence.

This is what Warner Bros has revealed so far on the Birds of Prey movie. It looks like the two footages revealed at CCXP are convention exclusive and won't be landing anytime soon. Although there are rumours that a second trailer could be released later this month.

Robbie and the rest of the cast have already begun promoting the film at the expo. Fans may learn more about the DC film in the following days. Stay tuned for more updates.