Bionca Ellis: Woman Who Stabbed 3-year-old to Death Smirks, Giggles in the Court; Video Goes Viral

Bionca Ellis, the 32-year-old woman, accused of stabbing a 3-year-old to death, was seen smirking and making weird gesture as she was being charged for the gruesome crime. The incident took place in a grocery store parking lot at North Olmsted, outside Cleveland, barely a week ago.

Bionca Ellis
Bionca Ellis
Bionca Ellis (32) accused of stabbing 3-year-old Julian Wood to death.

Ellis Followed Victim to the Car

The crime, described by authorities as a "random act of violence," occurred on June 3. According to ABC News, Ellis, who was inside the Giant Eagle grocery store, noticed the victim, Julian Wood, and his mother, Margot Wood, and followed them into the parking lot.

As Margot was loading groceries into her vehicle, Ellis ran at them with a knife, fatally stabbing the 3-year-old twice. He also attacked the mother. The boy died at a hospital, while Margot Wood was treated for a stab wound to her shoulder, which she sustained while trying to protect her child during the attack.

Ellis is facing ten criminal counts, including two counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder. If convicted, could potentially face the death penalty.

New York Post reported that Ellis's hands were cuffed behind her back as she appeared in court. She was seen smirking and smiling as the charges were read out to her. When Judge Nancy Russo asked her if she was going to plead not guilty to the charges against her, Ellis giggled before replying "Si", the outlet reported.

Social Media Reacts

The social media was left aghast as the news of Ellis being charged broke. "That day, she took everything from us...I really wish no bail. Our hearts go out to Julian's family. #justiceforjulian #zero tolerance for violence against children #protectourkids," tweeted a user.

"Bionca Ellis. Woman accused. Stabbing In the face and back of a 3 year old white child. But a Black woman swinging a big old kitchen knife in a grocery store is just A OK. They are all a bunch of st*pid *sses for letting it happen," wrote another user.

"This monster should be fucking burned at the stake in front of all the public so we can learn from and never commit such atrocities. Burn in hell bionca Ellis #SayHerName," opined a user.