Video: People in UK are burning down 5G mobile signal towers to stop coronavirus - Conspiracy theory EXPLAINED

  • 5G towers were burned down in Birmingham, Liverpool, and Melling

  • The novel coronavirus outbreak that first appeared in Wuhan in China was caused soon after the rollout of 5G

  • The 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory believers link the spread of COVID 19 to the 5G signal towers

  • Electromagnetic radiation from 5G suppresses the immune system, helping the virus to thrive

  • A Russian-disinformation campaign could be behind the spread of the conspiracy theory, it is suspected

Several videos have emerged online that show concerned and scared citizens in the UK burning down 5G mobile towers after conspiracy theories claimed that 5G technology has aided in the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

Earlier this week video footage emerged of a 5G mobile tower on fire in Birmingham that was targeted by anti-5G protesters. Similar arson attacks have taken in several places across the UK including Birmingham, Liverpool, and Melling.


According to BBC, at least three towers have been burned down, while the anti-5G protesters have posted videos of the arson attacks online with claims that there was a link between the 5G mobile technology and the spread of COVID-19.

A report in The Guardian, which called the 5G conspiracy theories that gained major traction after they were supported by celebrities such as Amanda Holden baseless, said that telecoms engineers were facing verbal and physical threats from people opposing the 5G.

5G spreads coronavirus - Conspiracy theory

A widely circulated 5G conspiracy theory claims that the novel coronavirus outbreak that first appeared in the city of Wuhan in China was caused soon after the rollout of 5G. It later spread to other cities in China where 5G was being rolled out.

Many users have shared videos claiming to be from Wuhan and even Hong Kong that shows the local authorities taking out the 5G towers from the cities to stop the spread of coronavirus.

There also have been a conspiracy theory that claims that 5G technology is sucking the oxygen out of people's lungs. Another theory citing an "activist and philosophy lecturer at the Isle of Wight College" states that the electromagnetic radiation from 5G suppresses the immune system, helping the virus to thrive.

5G conspiracy theory - The Russia connection

It now appears that the 5G conspiracy theories are being fueled by Russia-sponsored groups.

It is believed that the 5G health scares as reported by the New York Times is part of the Russian disinformation campaigns where Russian government-sponsored news channels, such as RT America, were being encouraged to carry reports that claimed5G "might kill you."

Fact check: Does 5G accelerate the spread of the new coronavirus?

There has been no medical proof till now that could explain how 5G roll-out is aiding the spread of coronavirus as this deadly strain is infected thousands in countries such as Iran, Iran and even Japan where 5G is still to be set up.

Debunking all the conspiracy theories, according to FullFact.Org, there is no truth in any of the theories that are being floated online and 5G is no way helps in the spread of COVID 19 - the disease caused by the coronavirus.