Binary star merger may detect alien life, claims new research report


A new research report published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters has suggested that binary star merger could hold the key to detect extraterrestrial life which may be flourishing in deep space.

Last year, the first-ever observations of merging binary stars stunned the astronomical society and the incredible cosmic event produced a spinning light that could be viewed even from distant solar systems. The new research report suggests that advanced alien civilizations might piggyback on the intense bright signals created by colliding neutron stars to catch our attention.

"We were really impressed by the rapid growth of multi-messenger astronomy associated with and started thinking about interesting possibilities far beyond far beyond traditional astronomical studies. Actually, previously, we were not familiar with the SETI activities," said Yuki Nishino, the lead author of this study, and a physicist at the Kyoto University in Japan, reports.

The basic idea behind this assumption is that advanced alien civilizations have that sophisticated technology to predict binary star merger. After analyzing the time of the merger, aliens would produce a signal timed around that collision to capture the attention of other living beings in the universe. Aliens could send artificial signals before or after the natural merger signals, and they might be hoping advanced civilizations to detect them.

The new study report surfaced at the time when NASA is formulating plans to travel further deeply into our solar system than ever before. Interestingly, Donald Trump, the United States president has recently asked the military to create a new space force to protect our planet.

Upon hearing Donald Trump's instruction, conspiracy theorists started blatantly claiming that alien life is a reality and the president is well aware of its existence. Some of these conspiracy theorists even went a step ahead and argued that Donald Trump's decision to start a space force is an indication of an imminent alien invasion.

This article was first published on August 29, 2018