Biden to Skip Dignified Transfer of U.S. Soldiers Killed in Jordan at Dover Air Base? Speculations on Social Media

Speculation about U.S. President Joe Biden skipping the ceremony to honor the three U.S. Army service members who lost their lives in the drone attack in Jordan over the weekend, grew after John Kirby revealed that they don't have anything on Biden's schedule.

Sgt. William Rivers Spc. Brianna Moffatt and Spc. Kennedy Ladon Sanders
Sgt. William Rivers, Spc. Brianna Moffatt and Spc. Kennedy Ladon Sanders X

According to the reports, the trio will undergo a dignified transfer at Dover Air Force Base, a military ceremony reserved for those who have lost their lives in foreign combat.

Nothing on Biden's Schedule?

Sgt. William Rivers, 46, from Carrollton, Spc. Brianna Moffatt, 23, from Savannah, and Spc. Kennedy Ladon Sanders, 24, from Waycross, were tragically killed in the drone attack carried out by Iranian-backed militants on a small outpost near the Syrian border on Saturday night. Besides, 34 others were injured.

All three soldiers were members of the 718th Engineer Company, a U.S. Army Reserve unit stationed at Fort Moore in Georgia. At the time of the attack, the troops were in their sleeping quarters, and the Pentagon confirmed on Monday that the victims were likely in bed during the incident.

New York Post reported that John Kirby, the National Security Council spokesman, on being asked if the U.S. President would attend the ceremony at Dover Air Force Base, replied, "I don't have anything on his schedule to speak to."

Social Media Reacts

The clipping of Kirby's statement was shared widely on the social media platform leading to several users criticizing the U.S. President and his administration.

"Will Biden go to Dover to attended the dignified transfer of our military who were just killed? I don't have anything on his schedule. Heartless administration with zero conscience," tweeted a user.

"President Biden is a #racist no plans to meet soldiers bodies at Dover AFB," read another post.

"Biden's handlers are probably worried that if he does go to Dover, he'll do something stupid again," opined a user.

"You Know Who Would Be Waiting At Dover Air Force Base For Our 3 Brave Warriors - President Trump Not 1 Time In 2023 , Did Joe Biden , Or Any Representative , Meet With The Families Of Our Delta Force Operators Killed In Syria , At Dover. Thank You US Military!" expressed a user.