Biden In Israel: Emerges As 'Father Figure' After Wartime Visit Amid Attacks

Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak reaffirm their respective countries' unequivocal support to Israel in the time of crisis

US President Joe Biden has emerged as the 'father figure' to Israel as millions idolise him after his 7-hour visit, the first ever war-time one of an American president.

Biden made a Zoom call for about 15 minutes on Thursday night with families of Americans taken hostage by Hamas evoking a strong bonding with them as their father figure. When a White House aide started to end the session, Biden wouldn't have it, said a family member on the call.

The United States has said that Israel is not to blame for the big explosion at a hospital in Gaza. This explosion killed many people the day before, as per the White House's statement on Wednesday.

The White House spokesperson, Adrienne Watson, explained that the US government's decision was based on information they gathered. They looked at reports, like news and data from spy agencies, checked missile activity, and looked at photos and videos of what happened.

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The US thinks that some Palestinian fighters in Gaza accidentally fired a rocket or missile, causing the explosion, according to what they've learned. They're still trying to confirm if it was a missile from a group called the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

President Biden also talked about this incident. He thinks it was a mistake from a group in Gaza, not Israel's fault. He told Israelis not to get too upset about the deadly attack by Hamas.

There were different opinions about who caused the explosion, but many Arab leaders said Israel was responsible. Hamas in Gaza quickly said Israel bombed the hospital, and hundreds of people died. But Israel disagreed and showed evidence like videos and audio recordings. They said it was not them but another group, Islamic Jihad, that messed up. Islamic Jihad said that wasn't true.

During his seven-hour visit to Israel, he tried to support Israel and show concern for Gaza's people. He met with Israel's leader, Prime Minister Netanyahu, and talked about how terrible it was for the people in Gaza.

Biden believes that the hospital explosion wasn't Israel's fault, and he told Israelis not to be too mad about the terrible attack by Hamas. But even so, rockets from Palestinians went towards Israel again on Wednesday after a 12-hour break. Israel also kept attacking Gaza, even in places where they said it was safe for regular people.

Rishi Sunak
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After US another Superpower UK also confirmed its support to Israel. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak who is on official visit to Israel met Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and in his joint statement with Israel said "We absolutely support Israel's right to defend themselves in line with international law and to go after Hamas to take back hostages, deter further incursions and to strengthen your security for the long term,"