BIGBANG's Seungri likely to be tried in military court; 9 interesting facts about K-pop star

The ex-BIGBANG member Lee Seung-Hyun popularly known as Seungri likely to be tried in the military court

K-pop group Big Bang's member Lee Seung-Hyun, popularly known as Seungri, is likely to be tried in the military court on charges of violating anti-prostitution law and bribery. The Military Manpower Administration of South Korea has asked the star to join mandatory military service of 21 months.

The administration said that it will hand over the trial to military court if 29-year-old Seungri joins the military. Though there is an option to delay joining military till one turns 33, there are fewer chances of Seungri's request being heard as Seungri had already requested a delay in joining the military in March 2019.


Charges against Seungri

The charges against Seungri include buying prostitutes for a personal cause and for business investors from Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong; illegal gambling outside the country, and not informing South Korean administration about the money he had outside the country for gambling.

However, Seungri refuted these claims and denied most of the allegations. Earlier, K-pop stars Jung Joon-young and Choi Jong-hoon also were sentenced to jail terms, six and five years respectively, for having illicit sexual relations.

9 interesting facts about Seungri

1) Seungri was dropped from Big Bang

Top K-pop band Big Bang had initially dropped Seungri from the band. But luckily they reconsidered their decision and took in Seungri, who is currently one of its most popular members. He is currently indicted for violating anti-prostitution laws.

2) College drop out

Seungri dropped out of Chung-Ang University in 2012 due to the tight schedule of Big Bang. But later, he enrolled into Gukje Digital University to pursue online courses.

3) Connection with Yuri, Sooyoung

Girls' Generation's top stars Kwon Yu-ri, popularly known as Yuri, and Choi Soo-young, known as Sooyoung, are Seungri's college mates.

4) Seungri's Dance Academy

He also owns a dance academy called "Seungri's Academy" which is maintained by his father. Seungri has choreographed dances for some of Big Bang's songs.

5) Fan of Gangnam Style

Seungri is a fan of PSY's popular dance number Gangnam Style

6) First kiss

His first kiss was when he was in the ninth grade at a park on a rainy day. "It happened as we locked eyes," Seungri had told during an interview.

7) Seungri has mastered Jiu-Jitsu

Seungri also had won gold and silver medal in Jiu-Jitsu tournaments.

8) Best friend

Seungri's best friend is producer Steve Akoi

9) Favourite body part

Seungri's favourite body part is his elbow!

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