Bet B2B: SaaS for promising companies in the betting industry

it for business.

Recent years have become largely revolutionary in various areas, including the gambling industry. Gambling and betting are an important part of the global economy, said Bet B2B experts. This was made possible thanks to the loyalty of society, as well as changes in the regulatory framework in many countries.

The industry does not stand still and quickly adapts. So, during the COVID-19 pandemic, gambling establishments opened their sites on the Internet. Thanks to this, all interested adult gamblers could play their favourite slots, card games, or place bets, despite severe restrictions. Restrictions have been lifted, but people have not stopped playing online.

It is predicted that in the period from 2023 to 2027, the gambling entertainment market will grow by 7.1% (CAGR) annually, and will reach 260.44 billion US dollars. 2023 will be revolutionary, bringing many surprises and innovations to the gambling market.

"Despite the fact that it is necessary to invest heavily when starting a business, ready-made IT products in the field of gambling will be in demand over the next 10 years. All this is easily explained by the fact that a thoughtful and professional investor will invest only if there is a high-quality infrastructure and there are development prospects. He understands that later it will bring profit with proper business management.- a comment from a Bet B2B specialist on the market for ready-made IT solutions.

Given the incredible competition, the determining factor for the success of the platform is its compliance, or the compliance of individual offers with the trends and trends of the gambling market, and do not forget about the quality of the services provided.

The higher the competition, the more customers demand higher quality. It is a ready-made solution (Turnkey solutions) that makes it possible to minimize the risks when launching a resource and reduce the cost of project maintenance, maintenance and software updates.

Flagship online casino operators pay attention to such important areas:

  1. Flexible portal administration systems.
  2. Creation of software solutions for a specific resource at the request of the client.
  3. Development of turnkey platforms.
  4. CMS.
  5. CRM.
  6. Organization of access to secure cloud storage. A prime example is Turnkey Solution bet-b2b com.
  7. Providing access to reliable channels for sending and receiving finance.

The B2B service provider for online casinos and betting resources is by default an innovative IT company with a serious case and experience. Otherwise, building a successful business will not work. And most solutions are now provided in the form of SaaS - ready-made platforms for launch.

Saas for betting - BetB2B

SaaS - software as a service. This option of providing software to companies allows you to receive data from any device that has access to the Internet.

It eliminates the need to deploy the system on your own expensive servers or in your own data centres. When SaaS is used, there is no need to invest in the purchase of additional equipment. One of the most common reasons why gamblers refuse to visit a particular site with gambling entertainment is the poor quality of the site, incomprehensible navigation, and problems with withdrawing money.

Many are not satisfied with the range of games and the unstable operation of the site. SaaS prevents these problems from occurring.

Given that the creation and management of a casino is a serious task that requires complete immersion, in order to be in trend and win more and more fans, you need to:

  • Conduct market analysis or contact specialists for such a service.
  • Decide on GEO.
  • Develop and elaborate a business plan.
  • Raise capital.
  • Obtain a license.
  • Hire professional staff or start cooperation with bet b2b betting platform or other expert IT companies.
  • Prepare a platform.
  • Set up marketing tools.

If you already have a site but need to add certain elements, expand the assortment or optimize the casino, then the task will be much easier to start a business from scratch. All this can be done with Bet-B2B SaaS. effective business solutions

To build and establish a gambling or betting business on the endless Internet, you need to take a responsible approach to business. If a quick start is planned, it is best to connect a ready-made platform with a wide range of settings. The main advantage of the ready-made solution is:

  1. Large database of Bet B2B games.
  2. Access to games from over 100 providers.
  3. Bingo.
  4. Casino.
  5. A variety of options for accepting payments (more than 250).
  6. 182+ sports for bets.
  7. Events in eSports. a resource where you can purchase modern technical infrastructure. Support is provided at each stage of creating and improving the betting portal.

To make it easier for customers to choose the appropriate option, and the business to become even more efficient in the shortest possible time, 3 ready-made solutions are offered:

  • Sportsbook iFrame (betting on the World Wide Web). Suitable for international operators. The solution provides modern software, customizable design, multilingual and multi currency intuitive interface. Sportsbook iFrame makes it possible to integrate individual elements into an existing portal, and thanks to this, take it to a new level.
  • Turnkey Solution. Suitable for companies that have a legal and payment infrastructure, as well as permits - a license. This ready-made platform includes a lot of elements indispensable for starting a business: Sportsbook, CMS, CRM, unique bet b2b betting platform games, live casino, slots, virtual sports, Toto, 2-line support technical support, back office.
  • Retail Solution (land-based bookmakers and online betting). An ideal solution for classic betting shops, combining the capabilities of land-based betting shops and those located on the Internet.

    Features of IT solutions bet-b2b com

Bet B2B has many competitive advantages, but we will highlight the main ones:

  • The presence among the clients of a large number of flagship companies in the industry.
  • A wide range of different tools and ready-made solutions.
  • The largest coverage of slots, sports events, events, markets.
  • More than 12 years of successful professional activity.
  • A large number of effective developments and constant improvements.
  • Ability to work on mistakes.

Bet B2B provides a number of services that allow you to create a betting or gambling resource from scratch, as well as improve an existing casino. These are the services in question:

  1. Affiliate program. The tool for creating an affiliate network with flexible commission fee settings.
  2. Agent scheme. Provides the ability to customize in multiple languages.
  3. CRM will help to conduct a regular analysis of the activity of customers, as well as issue them with relevant bonuses and promotions. It can be used to analyze the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.
  4. CMS by– a tool that allows you to customize the platform for yourself (determine the location of promos, rules, and banners) and create a promo landing page.
  5. The back office will allow you to track the flow of funds as part of the activity of clients.

These tools are incredibly powerful, but they are only available as part of a ready-made platform (Turnkey Solution).