Being on the verge of death is both pleasant and distressing, claims NDE victim 

The near-death experience victim revealed that she felt more conscious while being on the verge of death

Spiritualists all across the world strongly believe that life after death is a reality, and human beings actually start their eternal journey after taking the final breath. The concept of an 'afterlife' is mentioned in all religious books, and these spiritualists argue that humans will reap for everything they do in life, after death.

Several testimonials shared by near-death experience (NDE) victims are literally mindblowing, and it has made many believe that modern science has gone wrong in understanding the mysteries surrounding the death.

The unusual near-death experience faced by Theresa

life after death

Recently, a woman named Theresa shared her near-death experience testimonial on the NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) website. In the testimonial, Theresa revealed that she reached the verge of death at the age of seven after she was drowned.

As per Theresa, she entered a magical realm during the near-death experience. Very similar to other near-death experience victims, Theresa also saw warm pure light which had a heavenly bliss.

"I watched the sky from underwater as it slipped away from me. Then I saw nothing at all. It was like I was asleep and not dreaming. Then I saw myself. I was floating at the bottom corner of the pool. My hair covered my face and my arms where limp as they were suspended in front of me.

The rainbow colors of my suit were brighter than ever before. I immediately knew it was me. It felt like I was being pulled up, away from my body and that was fine. It didn't matter. Then, I noticed the water was not water anymore. I was in warm, pure light. It felt like a hug from a true mother. It was beautiful serenity," wrote Theresa on the NDERF website.

Is death a pleasing or distressing experience?

Theresa revealed that death is actually a pleasing and distressing experience. The NDE victim added that she felt more consciousness and alertness than normal during the near-death experience. She also made it clear that her senses were more vivid than normal.

Even though medical experts dismiss the idea of life after death, top scientists including Wernher von Braun had believed in the existence of the afterlife and God. von Braun had argued that the guiding principles of the universe are a clear indication that confirms the existence of God.