Beaumont Police Slam Hispanic Man Against Concrete During Arrest, Split His Head Open [GRAPHIC]

The man was pinned down by three officers, including one who had his knee over the suspect's face.

Beaumont police are being accused of brutality after a video of officers injuring a Hispanic man by slamming his head against a concrete curb even though he wasn't resisting arrest has gone viral on social media.

Yanexa Yanez shared video footage of the incident on Facebook saying that her friend, Omar, was seated in her vehicle when he got out and told his intoxicated friend to get in the car as he was looking out for the friend's safety.

A still from the video shows Omar's head hitting the side of the concrete curb during his arrest. Facebook

According to Yanez, the cops took notice of this and decided to arrest Omar even though he wasn't doing anything illegal. In the video, three officers can be seen pinning Omar down with one officer with his knee over Omar's face.

The officers then violently grab him and turn him over, hitting his head against the side of the concrete curb, knocking him out momentarily and cracking his forehead open with blood gushing out.

"What the f**k!? You knocked him the f**k out" Yanez (in gray) and the woman filming can be heard screaming in the video before officers ask them to back up. Watch the full video below (WARNING: the clip contains GRAPHIC images. Viewer discretion is advised.)

In a follow-up post Yanez shared an update saying that Omar has been released from police custody but shared an image of the nasty cut he sustained from the violent arrest.

Online Petition to Fire Officers Involved

The image shared by Yanexa Yanez on Facebook. Facebook

Now, an online petition on has been set up, demanding justice for Omar and calling for the firing of the officers involved. The petition has already amassed more than 12,750 signatures and is only 2,250 signatures shy of its goal..

"The cops didn't do anything to stop the bleeding and Omar needs justice for this and the cops MUST be taken accountable and should be fired for the actions they have caused," the petition reads. "This could have ended terribly the cops from Beaumont Texas should not have been so aggressive and they should not have put so much unnecessary force to someone who was not resisting at all. Omar kept saying over and over again that he didn't want to die, this breaks my heart and he needs justice to be served."