Russian Missiles Hit Kyiv During BBC Reporter's Live News Broadcast, Other Video Footage Captures Exact Moment Ukrainian Capital was Hit

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A BBC reporter was live on air when Russian missiles hit the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv on Monday morning.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko reported multiple explosions rocked the city's Shevchenko district, a large area in the center of Kyiv that includes the historic old town as well as several government offices in an apparent Russian missile attack - the first strike in several months.

Hugo Bachega
Hugo Bachega is seen scrambling for cover during a live news broadcast after a missile hit Kyiv on Monday morning. Twitter

Video footage of the incident shows BBC reporter Hugo Bachega providing updates live from Kyiv when he appears to be distracted by a loud noise and turns around to enquire.

Moments later, a loud explosion is heard and the reporter is seen scrambling for cover as the broadcast cuts back to the news station. Watch the clip below:

Another clip shows a young girl filming herself walking the city centre streets when a Russian missile strikes explodes near her.

The impact and explosion caused by one of the missiles was also captured on video by an eyewitness:

Multiple Casualties, Death Toll Not Yet Known

The spokesperson for Emergency Service in Kyiv told the Associated Press that multiple people have been killed and injured in the attack. Rescuers are now working in different locations, said Svitlana Vodolaga. The number of casualties is not yet known.

Explosions have also been reported in Lviv, Ternopil and Zhytomyr in Ukraine's west, and in Dnipro in central Ukraine.

Zelensky: 'They Are Trying to Wipe Us Off the Face of the Earth'

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has issued a response to this morning's series of attacks on Ukrainian cities. He has posted to Telegram:

"They are trying to destroy us and wipe us off the face of the earth. Destroy our people who are sleeping at home in Zaporizhzhia. Kill people who go to work in Dnipro and Kyiv. The air alarm does not subside throughout Ukraine. There are missiles hitting. Unfortunately, there are dead and wounded. Please do not leave shelters. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Let's hold on and be strong."

The message was accompanied by a video clip showing the aftermath of the strike on Kyiv, showing wrecked cars, buildings with shattered windows, and fires burning in the street.

The attack comes days after the bombing of that damaged the Kerch Bridge that connects Russia to its annexed territory of Crimea. Russian President Vladimir Putin called that "a terrorist act" masterminded by Ukrainian special services.