The Battle Begins - Chrome vs Samsung internet Browser. Which one do you prefer the most?

google chrome

There is a big competition lying ahead in terms of mobile web browsers and chrome is leading the race. Most of the android phones comes with chrome as the default browser. It is very light weight, with offline viewing, easy language translation, faster loading from cache and many more features.

Samsung internet browser is giving a tuff competition nowadays for Chrome due to its various outstanding development and hard work they have put in 2017. So we thought of asking few Samsung mobile users that whether they are using Samsung browser or switching back to chrome for easy access.

The results are mesmerising as they are so impressed with Samsung browser that other android smartphone owners also started installing it. The features are very unique as compared to chrome with true full screen, ad block, finger print password login.

Looks like users will soon start switching to Samsung internet browser and will take over Chrome.

This article was first published on January 5, 2018