Baptism With a Twist: Wondering Why THIS Priest is Pointing a Gun at an Infant? [PHOTO]

It looks like toy water guns have become the new aspergillum in Christian churches amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

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With the Coronavirus spreading rapidly, working from home, conducting marriages through video calls, and a lot of unusual things have already become the new normal all over the world. Becoming part of religious rituals online has also become a new trend these days as churches, temples, mosques and other religious institutions are temporarily closed in the time of the pandemic.

Recently, a Catholic priest from Detroit made headlines for using a squirt gun to sprinkle holy water following the social distancing guidelines as part of Easter rituals. However, it looks like toy water guns have become the new aspergillum in Christian churches these days.

Baptism With a Twist

Sprinkling holy water using toy water gun
The priest uses a toy water gun to sprinkle holy water during baptism ceremony Peter R. Quinones/Twitter

Now, another photo of a Catholic priest pointing a gun 'like a gangster' at an infant as a woman holds the child up, inside a church has started doing the rounds online. And many of you might be wondering why the baby's parents are seen laughing in the image. Need not worry, the picture was captured during a baptism ceremony and the priest, who is also wearing a face mask, is seen sprinkling holy water on the baby using a toy water gun.

Though we are unsure when and where this incident happened, the photo shared by a user named Peter R. Quinones on Twitter with the caption: "Bout ready to just give up" has gone viral on social media.

This Pastor too Points a Gun at a Kid

Similarly, another photo of a family performing special social distancing baptism in Minnesota went viral on social media back in March 2020. In the image, a pastor is seen baptizing two-month-old boy Wesley James with a squirt gun.

How do Social Media Users React?

The actions by the priests using water guns for sprinkling holy water have opened to both positive and negative responses on social media. While many find it really funny and creative, there are many others, who are of the opinion that these actions are mocking the age-old traditions followed by the church.

"I am still debating whether things like this is making people realize how ridiculous doing this is or how cool doing things like this is (sic)," commented a social media user. "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Where does this show faith, trust, belief? A GUN... REALLY??? So, Not Cool. GOD have MERCY on us all! (sic)," commented another. However, there are also a few others, who think it to be a staged act.

Memes Surface Online

Nevertheless, the special baptism ceremonies using water guns have also inspired many netizens to come up with hilarious memes with the priests having a moment even with some gangsters.

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