Priest Gets Creative, Uses A Squirt Gun To Sprinkle Holy Water During COVID-19; Inspires Memes

  • A Michigan priest maintained social distance at the time of the coronavirus pandemic by using a squirt gun to shoot holy water

  • St. Ambrose Church posted the photos on Facebook

A priest from Michigan is sprinkling holy water with social distancing. This Roman Catholic priest aims at parishioners using a squirt gun by which the holy water is sprinkled.

In order to maintain social distancing the time of a coronavirus pandemic made the priest to use a squirt gun to shoot holy water. St. Ambrose Church posted the photos on its Facebook page last Tuesday.

Priest with squirt gun
Priest with squirt gun Facebook

Rev. Tim Pelc,70, was seen shooting holy water into a car window by the steps of the church on Easter. The priest wore a face mask and shield with rubber gloves as a precautionary measure against the coronavirus.

Inspires Memes

Not only has the post from the church in Grosse Pointe Park been shared hundreds of times, but it has inspired memes as well. One meme showed the priest in the middle of fires of hell firing the squirt gun at devils.

meme water gun
Meme Facebook

Priest Pelc told BuzzFeed News that he was concerned about how the Vatican could react when these photos of him gunning holy water after it got a wide circulation online. However, he said, "I haven't heard anything yet."

Inspired By Tradition

Continuing tradition inspired the priest to find this novel way to continue blessing Easter baskets despite the pandemic. A photo even showed Pelc behind a car spraying holy water on a flower basket in the car's boot.

Priest with squirt gun
Priest with squirt gun Facebook

One person commented "Dear Father, good for you. You are very creative. I was thinking that a Priest wearing a mask, armed with a holy water gun should scare Satan out of his wits. Just love it."

The priest says that the church and the communities took the coronavirus pandemic seriously. Blue ribbons were tied by parishioners on each tree at the church for each person who expired due to COVID-19 in Michigan. Number of deaths in the state is inching towards 5,000.

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