Australian Woman Wearing Butt Plug Containing Boyfriend's Ashes Stopped by Airport Security

Sarah Button, who was going through an airport in Australia, was stopped by security for wearing a sex toy, a metal butt plug, in which she was carrying her boyfriend's ashes. The 23-year-old had the words "forever" engraved on the object.

Button said the toy was gifted to her by her late boyfriend as a gag gift. She shared that it was his "favourite place".

The Incident

Button revealed that they were initially concerned about getting the toy through in her carry on. "I left it within in hopes to avoid explanations. It was a bit nerve-wracking but I had previously gone through security with a normal plug-in without incident so I had a sense of calm and faith that we would make it through."

She said she would pack her boyfriend's remains in the checked luggage if she were to take the urn overseas with her. "I didn't make the sensor beep or anything and the friend I was with was aware as well." Button said the butt-plug was gifted to her before the passing of the ex-boyfriend she has as a teenager. She shared that it was meant to be a joke because he had spent so much time in there and it was his favourite place.

Butt Plug
Wikimedia Commons

Button shared a video of the toy on TikTok. She had captioned it "It's romantic."

She tried to visit Abu Dhabi in 2019 with the plug in tact but ended up being banned from the Gulf. Button said she tried to explain what it was but there was a lady worker in earshot of that conversation which led to some back and forth and the male officers didn't like the vulgarity she was using to explain.

Button said she had to call her dad for him to inform the Australian Embassy in Abu Dhabi and ask for help. And now the latest incident. She said it was all meant to be a joke as her boyfriend would spend so much time in there, it was his favourite place.