Australian schoolboy hacks Apple computer network to get 90 GB of sensitive data

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An Australian teenager reportedly hacked into the Apple corporate computer network and has gained access to highly classified data.

The boy has confessed to a Children's Court in Melbourne that he gained illegal entry into Apple mainframe network several times for the past one year. He is said to have downloaded more than 90GB of important Apple internal files and customer account details.

The boy is said to have created virtual computer tunnels with the help of online bypassing techniques and hacking software on his laptop and managed to break the firewall of Apple computer network.

After the company got to know about the breach, it filed a complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The information was forwarded to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and a probe led to the arrest of the hacker.

During the raid, two laptops, a hardware and a mobile were confiscated and the hacked 90GB data was found stored in one of the seized laptop's folders titled 'hacky hack hack', reported The Age.

The irony is that the teenager wants to be an Apple employee in future, but his recent shenanigans may very well forever closed the door to the Cupertino company.

The court has acknowledged the schoolboy's guilty plea and is expected to deliver the final judgement next month on 20 September.

Since the case is under sub judice, there are no official details whether the hacker shared the sensitive data with others. But, we have come to understand that the boy did boast his feat of breaching Apple computer network with his friends on WhatsApp

The Cupertino-based company has released a press note to media. It has allayed fears over the reports of leaking of sensitive details and assured no customer information has been compromised and there is absolutely nothing to be worried.