Australian Family Miraculously Escape Death Twice During Adventurous Trip

Daniel Penn and his wife Theresa were enjoying a five-week-long adventurous trip with their two children -- Sienna and Matteo -- when they miraculously escaped death twice. At first, they were hit with a crossbow, and then a three-piece road train hit their caravan. Everything happened within two weeks, and the Australian family believes that they are lucky to be alive.

The family of four began their five-week-long adventurous journey in June from their home in Narre Warren, Melbourne. During the trip to Darwin in The Northern Territory, they enjoyed sightseeing around The Top End for four weeks. But things took an unexpected turn when they were on their way to a caravan park, which is located near the Berry Springs waterhole.

Daniel Recalls Crossbow Attack

Daniel got distracted when he noticed something hitting on the passenger side. He pulled the caravan at the T-intersection to check if everything is fine. According to the father of two, he thought it could be a rock. His wife was shocked to see an arrow sticking out of the car.

"We were not targeted because we don't know anyone up here, so the car was targeted, but they had aimed higher up could have broken the window and killed someone. It took a while to sink in, but my wife got nervous about it," Daniel said.

The incident took place on July 15, and a police investigation is underway.

An oversized road train smashed on to the Caravan (Representational photo) Pixabay

When an Oversized Road Train Smashed their Caravan

Two weeks later, the family had another near-death experience when they were on their way back home. An oversized road train rushed towards them when they stopped for stationary at some road works on the Stuart Highway. Since the truck was coming from the other side, they could not see it at first. They just heard it and saw the traffic controller signaling the driver to stop the truck. But he did not see it, and the vehicle rushed towards them.

By the time the truck driver tried to stop the vehicle, it was too late. Daniel and Theresa did not know what to do because there was no time to do anything. All this while, the children were enjoying a movie, and they did not realize that they were going through a life and death situation. After a few minutes, the truck smashed onto the caravan and flew over it. Finally, it halted 20 meters away from the car. Luckily, no one was injured.

"We are lucky to be alive. My daughter has a bit of a sore neck, but it's getting better", Daniel said, adding, 'that's what the Top End is about...Heaven and hell at the same time".