From Austin's Crucifixion to Threatening Shawn Michaels, Check out 5 Controversies of Undertaker

The Undertaker, in his three-decade career in WWE, has earned the status of a legend in the sports entertainment. He has earned legions of fans across the globe while garnering negative publicities on numerous occasions.

The Undertaker's Top Controversies
Here are the Top Controversies of The Undertaker, who will retire soon from WWE. Undertaker Twitter Account/ Steve Austin Instagram Page/ Shawn Michaels Social Media Page

As the Deadman is ready to call it a day in WWE on 22 November, we would like to recall the top five controversies around him in the sports entertainment.

Killing Muhammad Hassan

The story angle of Muhammad Hassan and Phenom, telecast on the day of 7/7 London bombings in 2005, had come under severe criticism from the press. The booking where the Deadman taking on the Islam extremists in the ski masks were not in a good taste. The controversial episode was not aired in the UK on that day following the bomb blast but was telecast in the US with a content warning. Soon Hassan's character was removed from the network. Thus a rising star Marc Copani's career was ended abruptly in sports entertainment.

Austin's 'Crucifixion'

The sports entertainment had rubbed the religious institutions the wrong way after Steve Austin was publicly crucified by The Undertaker on Monday Night Raw. The Deadman was leading the Ministry of Darkness and was the top heel. The Phenom as a Satanist was under attack for insulting the values of Christian.

The imitation of the crucifixion of Christ had also upset many stars in the locker room. It has to be noted that the announcers had not mentioned the cross as a cross, but the Taker's symbol.

The Undertaker
The Undertaker. WWE

Threatening Shawn Michaels

The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels have mended broken fences now and share a good relationship, but it was not the case back then. Especially after the infamous Montreal Screwjob, the Deadman did not trust the Heart Break Kid when he faced Steve Austin four months later at WrestleMania 14. Reportedly, Michaels was warned by Taker to not play spoilsport while he dropped the title to Austin. This had created a major controversy.

Hanging Bigg Boss

The Undertaker has given memorable matches in WrestleManias, but WrestleMania 14 match was a forgettable affair. Not that he had a below-average clash with Bigg Boss Man, rather the drama that unopened after the match.

Taker with Gangrel, Edge, and Christian tied a noose around Bigg Boss Man's neck and hung him from the roof of the Hell in a Cell. It was not a pleasant sight for the crowd. The execution angle was considered inappropriate for a show which has a large chunk of loyal kids and family audience.

Sara's Tattoo Controversy

The Undertaker's former wife Sara had become a character on WWE in 2001. She was part of a storyline involving Diamond Dallas Page, who was her stalker. The Deadman was fond of her then and inked her name across his neck. It went missing after he divorced her a few years later. He blocked it with a block of ink following their separation and it had really put him in an embarrassing situation.