Austin Teen Fatally Stabbed While Saving Mom and Siblings from Domestic Attack by Stepfather

Jaime Vaca, 27, was arguing with his wife in the bedroom and threatening to kill her when the teenager intervened to but got stabbed in the process.

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An Austin teenager was fatally stabbed while trying to save his helpless mother from a deadly attack by her husband, as five of his siblings hid in a chamber to escape from their father. Austin Police has been calling the teen a hero who without caring about his life jumped in to protect his other family members from getting killed by his stepfather.

The boy, who suffered wounds in his neck and chest, later died in a hospital. The woman too was transported to a hospital as she too suffered stab wounds during the attack. Police are yet to release the name of the woman and the teenager and an investigation into the incident is still on.

Deadly Attack

Jaime Vaca
Jaime Vaca Austin Police Department

According to Austin Police, Jaime Vaca, 27, was arguing with his wife in the bedroom and threatening to kill her. One of the young boys, supposedly one of the children, got the teenager for help as he was too scared that Vaca would kill the woman. Anticipating trouble, the teenager kicked the door of the bedroom to find Vaca trying to choke his mother.

Seeing the teenager Vica paused, then suddenly jumped and took a knife and stabbed the teenager, police said. However, the teenager didn't give up despite being stabbed. He engaged in a scuffle with Vaca, who is supposedly his stepfather, and suffered a few more stab wounds in the process.

The woman too got stabbed and started bleeding. The five children, who saw the wild fight and the eventual attack on the teen and their mother ran away and hid upstairs in a chamber to hide from Vaca, as they feared that he would attack them also.

An Act of Bravery

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According to the police complaint, when officer arrived at the scene, they found the woman and the teenager profusely bleeding. The woman was lying outside the family home with a stab wound in the neck, while her son was lying on a couch and bleeding. The five other children were rescued from upstairs, and were in a state of shock. The two were immediately rushed to hospital where the teenager later died.

However, they couldn't track Vaca initially till they found him hiding inside a bathroom. He was holding a knife which he refused to drop. Vaca later admitted to police of stabbing the teenager. He also said that after stabbing the boy, he went upstairs to says, "goodbye" to the other kids as he intended to kill himself.

Police later informed Vaca that the boy had died, to which he said, "I'm a murderer." Vaca has been charged with second-degree murder and first-degree assault. If proved guilty, he could end up serving several years in prison.