West Virginia Teen Arrested for Shooting Dead Parents and Two Siblings Inside Family Home

Police said that the teenager isn't cooperating despite admitting to have killed all the four family members.

A West Virginia teen was arrested for brutally killing four of his family members on Sunday, whose bodies were found in the family home, police said. Police suspected the juvenile behind the gory murders after a relative informed that a fifth member was missing. However, police soon traced down the teen and arrested him.

An investigation has been launched by the Kanawha Police and the exact cause of the death will be revealed soon. Also, police have not yet revealed the motive behind the murder and are interrogating the teen, who reportedly isn't cooperating much, authorizes said.

Killed Brutally

crime scene
A crime scene (For representational purposes onlu). Pixabay

On Sunday around 10.40 am, a man, his wife and their three and 12-year-old sons were found in the family home near Elkview in Kanawha County, West Virginia. Officers from the Kanawha Police arrived to the scene after receiving a 911 call from a person, who was concerned after not hearing from the family of five for a few days. The person was later identified as a relative.

Officers found the front door of the house unlocked and stepped into the check when they discovered the bodies four of the family lying side by side and had suffered gunshot wounds. The relative told police that a fifth member was missing. Police immediately started a manhunt.

At that time police didn't say anything. A few hours later, the sheriff's office updated their statement to indicate that the missing teenager, also a resident of the home, was located and eventually charged with all four murders. The identity of the teenager hasn't been disclosed due to laws regarding juvenile offenders. The identities of the deceased family members will be revealed soon.

The causes of death also have not yet been released, but Sheriff Mike Rutherford told local media outlets that they appeared to have died by gunshot although the official cause of death has not been shared. "We determined immediately on the deputies' arrival they were all deceased," he said.

Police Clueless

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Police are still clueless about what led the teenager to kill his parents and two siblings, although he has accepted the charges. However, police indicated that it was not a "random crime." Police have not said when they believe the victims were killed as the 911 caller said they hadn't heard from the family for days.

It is quite possible that the four were killed a few days back and the teenager, believed to be another of the sons, fled after committing the crimes. Neighbor Samra Mullins said she didn't hear anything coming from the home in the quiet neighborhood but never suspected anything wrong going on inside. 'It's a little nerve-wracking. You don't expect this to be so close to home,' Mullins said.