Austin Airbnb Under Investigation After TikTok User Finds Hidden Camera Inside Charger Port in Bathroom [VIDEO]

An Airbnb rental has become the subject of a police investigation after a guest claims she found a hidden camera in the bathroom.

In a TikTok video viewed over 530,000 times, user @brittttttttanyyyyyyy revealed the apparent camera concealed inside a charger port in the bathroom. The device also had an SD card inserted into the back of the port to store the footage.

'Someone's Boutta Catch a Felony'

Airbnb hidden camera
Stills from the video shared by @brittttttttanyyyyyyy on TikTok TikTok

At the end of the video, she pans the camera around the Airbnb rental to reveal two police officers in the room. "Someone's boutta catch a felony for invasive visual recording in our Airbnb bathroom," read the text overlay in the video.

The Airbnb appeared to be located in Austin, based on an "Austin" wall installation shown in the video. Watch the clip below:


The video racked up hundreds of comments from users, some of whom were sympathetic with the TikToker, saying the scenario played out their worst nightmares. "I literally changed my clothes in a dark Airbnb closet the one time I stayed in one cause of this," one user wrote.

"I clean rental cabins in the Gatlinburg TN area...there are cameras all over those cabins where they are not supposed to be," commented another.

Meanwhile, others offered some advice to the TikTok user. "Put the micro SD card in a computer. The first video should be the person who originally plugged it in," said user @JenTX9

Airbnb Releases Statement

Airbnb Pixabay

In a statement obtained by Newsweek, an Airbnb spokesperson said: "Airbnb strictly prohibits 'hidden cameras' as well as recording devices of any kind in private spaces such as bathrooms and bedrooms. We take this allegation extremely seriously and our dedicated Safety team is thoroughly investigating."

The TikTok user said the camera in her rental was not necessarily planted by her host, "I assume the owners would be smart enough to hide it better, my best guess is their cleaning service put it there," she wrote in the comments section.

This is not the first time a hidden camera has been found inside an Airbnb. In 2019, a couple sued a San Diego Airbnb owner after allegedly finding three cameras hidden inside the bathroom and bedroom of their rental. That same year, vacationer Max Vest claimed to find cameras facing the bed in his Miami Airbnb.


Found a hidden camera in our Airbnb bathroom and for some reason it got deleted so here it is again 🙄

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