Audrey Ann Southard: Internationally Renowned Singer Caught Hurling Swear Words at Cops During Capitol Riots

"Tell f**king Pelosi we're coming for her! F**king traitorous c**ts, we're coming! We're coming for all of you!," she can eb heard saying in the video.

Internationally renowned singer, Audrey Ann Southard, who was among thousands of Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol last week, was caught on camera hurling swear words at the on-duty cops who were trying to prevent the building from the trespassers. The new video may land Southard in trouble in the coming days, with authorities already having identified, arrested and charged several of the rioters who vandalized the Capitol last week.

For a moment it is almost impossible to believe that it is Southard given that her silky smooth voice doesn't resemble the way she shouts in the video. The internationally renowned vocalist has won several awards and has performed at some of the most prestigious venues across the world including the Carnegie Hall.

Shouting Out Loud

Audrey Ann Southard
Audrey Ann Southard Facebook

Southard, 52, known for her powerful soprano, this time was caught on camera screaming swear words to police officers as she stormed into the Capitol with other rioters. "Tell f**king Pelosi we're coming for her! F**king traitorous c**ts, we're coming! We're coming for all of you!" Southard can be seen and heard yelling at police during the riot last week.

In a first-person video recorded by YouTuber JaydenX, Southard charges through Statuary Hall, staying within the velvet ropes, and stands at the front of a group blocked by police at a hallway. The group can be heard chants "USA" and "We want Trump" as some men at the front try to talk to police and ask them to step aside.

An officer then says something inaudible to Southard in the video to which, she replies, "For my son!" However, things soon change after one protester tells the mob that the police might let them demonstrate if they agree to be peaceful. Southard, holding the wooden pole attached to an American flag flat against an officer's torso, suddenly gets aggressive and yells: "Bulls**t! They're going to feel us!"

"We're pushing through. Boys, ready to go again?" she yells at the crowd in since-deleted YouTube footage.

Showing Her Aggression

Southard, reportedly, was aggressive since the beginning of the protests. She and other rioters then pushed their way past cops before bottlenecking at an entrance of the building. This was exactly the place where moments later Ashli Babbitt, the 35-year-old Air Force vet was shot to death.

Southard, a vocal coach from Spring Hill, had won the Ibla Grand Prize Bellini International Vocal Competition in Sicily in 2012, that led to a performance at the prestigious Carnegie Hall the following year.

Earlier that day, Southard posted a now-deleted live video to her own Facebook page where she can be heard saying, "We're standing in front of the Capitol building, ready to take it," she said. "It's gonna be fun."