Atlanta Shooting Video: Footage shows Rayshard Brooks Talking about Daughter's Birthday [TIMELINE]

  • A video shows Rayshard Brooks firing taser at an Atlanta PD officer before he was shot by the police officer

  • Hours earlier Brooks had celebrated his daughter's eighth birthday

  • Brooks failed a sobriety test and was being taken into custody when he got into a tussle with the Atlanta PD officers

  • The Atlanta PD officer who shot Brooks has been fired from the department

An Atlanta police bodycam video has emerged that shows Rayshard Brooks, who was shot dead by the Atlant PD officers on Friday night, talking about his daughter's birthday party.

The video which shows the final minutes of Rayshard Brooks, who hours earlier had celebrated his eight-year-old daughter's talking to the Atlanta PD officers that he had a few drinks as he had earlier gone for his daughter's birthday party.

The birthday party of Rayshard's daughter was supposed to continue the next day with a skating celebration, reported USA Today.

The 27-year-old father of four was fatally shot by an Atlanta police officer while trying to flee from the police after wrestling and stealing a taser at a Wendy's drive-thru late Friday night. He was shot by an officer after Brooks fired the taser at him and he died at a local hospital, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The Atlanta PD was called by the Wendy's after Brooks was found sleeping in his car at the drive-thru, causing other customers to drive around the vehicle, GBI said. Angry protesters after the shooting burned down the Wendy's.

Rayshard Brooks taking a sobriety test
Rayshard Brooks taking a sobriety test before he was fatally shot by an Atlanta PD officer near Wendy's

Atlanta Shooting Timeline

The Atlanta PD was dispatched to Wendy's around 10:33 p.m. and conducted a sobriety exam on Brooks, who failed the test and then resisted officers' attempts to arrest him, according to investigators.

Here is a piece by piece account of the final moments of Rayshard Brooks before he was fatally shot by Atlanta PD officer identified as Garrett Rolfe, who had worked with the department since 2013. Officer Rolfe has been fired, while another officer identified as Devin Brosnan has been placed on administrative duty.