Atari shows off wooden Ataribox console

Atari releases photos of the Ataribox in two editions.

Atari officially showed off the early prototypes of the Ataribox home gaming console, revealing two editions of the forthcoming device. The Ataribox is confirmed to come out in black/red edition and wood edition.

Atari chief executive Fred Chesnais first confirmed in June that his company is working on a new hardware after a wooden box with an Atari logo surfaced. Although Chesnais did not verify the wooden box to be the Ataribox, gaming experts believed it was a gaming console. Earlier today, the Ataribox wood edition has been officially introduced via MailChimp alongside a black/red edition.

Atari rolls out images of the device, which looks completely similar to what was first teased last month. "Our objective is to create a new product that stays true to our heritage while appealing to both old and new fans of Atari," says Atari in the release statement.

True to Atari's classic design roots, the Ataribox is impeccably designed with ribbed lines surrounding the body. The front section has the company logo on it and indicator lights that glow. It has three ports: SD card slots, an HDMI port, and four USB ports. Whichever variants of the Ataribox, the New York, New York-based video game company vows to deliver a premium gaming console. The Ataribox was touted "a brand new Atari product years in the making."

"As you can guess, those ports suggest modern internal specs," states Atari in the mail. "It also means that while we will be delivering classic gaming content, we will also be delivering current gaming content."

Atari, however, did not further down the details relating to the console's specifications, games, salient features, price, and release date. It stressed that it is "teasing intentionally", adding that it is looking forward for prospective buyers feedback so they could work around it.

Previously, Chesnais already revealed that the Ataribox will be based on PC technology, joining the fray with current leaders Xbox and PlayStation.

ataribox black and red edition
Ataribox black-red edition. Atari