Astroworld Music Fest Horror: 8 Dead in Stampede at Travis Scott's Concert in Houston

At least 8 people have been confirmed to be dead while hundreds of others were injured in a crowd surge on the opening night of Travis Scott's concert at Astroworld Festival in Houston. Houston Fire department has confirmed that several people have been transported to the hospital.

Moreover, 11 of the 17 transported people suffered a cardiac arrest during the stampede. Speaking of the horrific incident, Chief Samuel Pena from the Houston Fire department told the media that the crowd began to compress toward the stage while the famous rapper was performing, causing panic and people getting injured.

According to reports, around 50,000 people attended the fest that has now turned into a crime investigation scene. The victims of the Astroworld Fest stampede were as young as 10 years old.

Astroworld Music Fest
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Reports suggest that the stampede occurred around 9 P.M. Friday night and the show was called off shortly as several people started getting injured.

A video of the crowd at Astroworld Festival overtaking the security checkpoint that caused the mass casualty is now doing rounds on the internet. The event's tickets went on sale back in May and reports reveal that 100,000 tickets sold out within an hour to watch the famous rapper perform.

Reunification centre set up for families of Astroworld Fest victims

Moreover, authorities have set up a reunification centre for those who have not heard from their friends and family who was at the Astroworld Festival Friday night at the Wyndham Houston Hotel at 8686 Kirby near NRG.

Authorities are yet to identify the victims of the tragedy. Authorities have launched an investigation into the Houston concert's mass casualty incident to find out what actually happened at the event.
"What caused the surge we don't know, but we will find out," said an officer from the Houston Fire department.

Astroworld Festival Saturday Program Cancelled

Meanwhile, due to this tragic incident, Saturday's Astroworld Festival has been reportedly cancelled.

This is a developing story and more details are awaited.