ASTRO to Release New Mini-Album on August 2; How to Stream Switch On, Track List, and Other Details

August is a month of big releases for the Korean music industry as several K-pop bands and singers are gearing up to release their new albums this month. ASTRO is one of the K-pop bands coming up with their project this month, and it is titled Switch On. The six-member boy group is unveiling a new mini-album on Monday, August 2.

After releasing their second full-length album, All Yours, in April with the title track ONE, the boy band is set to release their eighth mini-album this week. It has six songs, including the title track After Midnight. The lead song is sure to add colors to this summer with its fun-filled music.

According to the boy group members, the mini-album is about their past, present, and future. The young Korean heartthrobs also said this project is dedicated to all their fans, especially their official fan club members AROHA.

ASTRO is releasing their eighth mini-album Switch On on Monday. Twitter

Here is Everything to Know About Switch On

  • Track List: The mini-album has six songs, and they are After Midnight, Sunset Sky, My Zone, Don't Worry, Footprint, and Waterfall. JinJin, Rocky, and Cha Eun Woo worked together for the lyrics of After Midnight and Don't Worry, and Sanha helped his team members in lyrics writing for Sunset Sky. JinJin wrote the lines for Waterfall.
  • Promo: The six-member boy group released several individual and group trailers ahead of the upcoming album release. They also released two music video teasers of the title track and a highlight medley of the mini-album.
  • Release Date: ASTRO will release their eighth mini-album Switch On with the title track After Midnight Monday, August 2, at 6 pm KST (5 am EST, 5 pm SGT).
  • How to Stream: K-pop fans and other music lovers can stream the new mini-album on various music streaming platforms, including MelOn, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music.

Watch the Highlight Medley below:

The followers of this six-member boy band are desperately waiting for the upcoming mini-album and social media platforms are getting flooded with their messages. Here are some of them:

"I am so excited! I hope this comeback will be a success and bring happiness to all of us. ASTRO and AROHA, let's fight together," a K-Pop fan tweeted.

"ASTRO deserves more. They deserve to be known. All six of them deserve a lot of exposure and attention. Let's give them multiple wins this comeback! Let's do our best," another K-pop fan wrote.

"I really cannot wait. Hopefully this comeback is really successful and ASTRO shines even more," a follower of the boy band stated.

"We are very excited. We will support you with all our strength. Love you so much ASTRO," another follower tweeted.