Asteroid impact in Atlantic ocean could wipe out millions in a second, warns scientist

Starkey made it clear that NASA will not be able to spot all near-earth objects due to the vastness of the universe

asteroid in a collision course
Representational image of asteroids approaching the earth Pixabay

It was a few months back that Dr Iain McDonald, a scientist at the Cardiff University's school of earth and sciences, predicted the possibilities of a doomsday asteroid impact in the future. McDonald claimed that devastating events like asteroid impacts are not confined to the past, and it will happen in the future too. Now, Dr Natalie Starkey, a scientist and the author of the book 'Catching Stardust' has warned about the repercussions of an asteroid impact in the Atlantic ocean.

As per Starkey, asteroid impact in the Atlantic ocean not only affects human species but will also cause threats to other species on the planet. The author also added that a tsunami that will be triggered due to the asteroid hit will create devastation in the coastal areas and will kill millions of people within seconds.

"If we fail in the future to protect the planet from space threats, then we could expect a large asteroid or comet impact to wreak havoc on the Earth's surface, resulting in major global changed and high death tolls. It's anyone's guess how many millions of people would be directly or indirectly affected by a tsunami radiating out from an impact location in the middle of the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean," warned Starkey, reports.

In the same book, Starkey had revealed that space agencies like NASA will not be able to spot all near-earth objects that could pose a risk to humanity. As per Starkey, the space is so vast and mighty, and this is the main reason behind the failure to spot all risky objects approaching the earth for a probable collision.

A few weeks back Lembit Öpik, the chairman of Parliament for the space-based micronation Asgardia had suggested that humans may not survive if a giant asteroid hits the earth in its full fury. As per Öpik, only cockroaches, deep-sea creatures, and certain organisms that feed on dead meat will survive the deep impact from the space.

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