Ashley Ketcherside: Texas Mom Fired from Job as School Educator After She Was Exposed as Convicted Prostitute Who Stil Works as an Escort

In Texas, escort websites, which present themselves as platforms for the sale of companionship and time, are legal, but prostitution itself is not permitted by law.

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A Texas mother was fired from her sex education role after the school district learned of her past as a convicted prostitute, who was still actively promoting herself as a paid escort. Ashley Ketcherside, 38, from Godley near Dallas, was ousted from her position at Godley ISD over her two prostitution convictions in 2012 and 2016.

The sex educator, who is identified as Lola Brea by her current clients, appears to working as a legal escort and maintains an active website detailing her area of work. It's worth noting that escort services, involving payment for companionship, are allowed under Texas law, whereas prostitution, which involves selling sex, is not permitted.

Fired for Being a Prostitute

Ashley Ketcherside
Ashley Ketcherside X

Ketcherside, 38, was busted twice for her secondary employment before joining a council that provides recommendations on "appropriate grade levels and methods for human sexuality instruction" in a school district located in Godley, a city situated 30 miles south of Fort Worth.

Formerly known by her maiden name Ashley Villalobos, Ketcherside came under scrutiny from her employers after parents raised concerns about multiple businesses she claimed to own without providing further details.

Ashley Ketcherside
Ashley Ketcherside Facebook

While there is no indication that Ketcherside's present activities are illegal or pose a threat to children, her involvement in the School Health Advisory Council, which advises school boards on health education protocols for students, led to her removal from her position.

"I don't see any community wanting that to be the standard for their school district," Mary Lowe, from the nonprofit group Families Engaged for Effective Education, told Fox News.

"We can do better, and we must do better," she added. "I believe that parents need to know."

Ketcherside promoted scantily-clad and semi-nude photos of herself online as "true girl next door" Lola Brea while serving on the School Health Advisory Councils, a mandatory panel that advises school boards on various health education protocols, including those related to sex trafficking.

Ashley Ketcherside
Ashley Ketcherside Facebook

Despite having recently joined Godley ISD in the current academic year, the highly engaged parent, Ketcherside, took on leadership roles, leading a local cheerleading group and volunteering on various district panels such as the Family and Community Engagement Committee, Parent Teacher Organization, and Godley Athletic Booster Club.

Her Dark Past

Ketcherside has since been canned from all her roles. Following complaints from parents, Lowe informed Kayla Lain, a trustee on the Godley ISD School Board, about Ketcherside's history of prostitution. Lain said she was shocked by the revelation.

Ashley Ketcherside
Ashley Ketcherside Facebook

"We had no idea what was going on in her personal life. She was always very friendly and personable," Godley ISD School Board trustee Kayla Lain, told Fox 4 News.

"I googled her email address and that's how I was able to find the escort services," Lain told the outlet.

Through their independent investigation, the parents came across multiple profiles under the name Lola Brea, the high-priced escort. In these profiles, she mentions being "well-reviewed" and cautions that clients who fail to show up could face penalties of up to $3,000.

"I now have a new permanent incall in Dallas and Ftw minutes from downtown!" one of her active profiles reads.

In Texas, escort websites, which present themselves as platforms for the sale of companionship and time, are legal, but prostitution itself is not permitted by law.

Ketcherside was convicted of selling sex in Fort Worth in both 2012 and 2016. According to a Fox 4 obtained affidavit, she was identified as "Lola Brea" at the time of these arrests.

Ashley Ketcherside
Ashley Ketcherside Facebook

In 2016, unrelated to her convictions, a judge issued an injunction prohibiting certain children from visiting "any place of Ashley Villalobos' residence" due to her being a "known prostitute."

Parents in Godley believe that Ketcherside's past convictions warrant her removal from any involvement with the district's children.

"We don't know what kind of clients she comes into contact with or who she works for," said Lain.

Godley ISD confirmed to Fox 4 that Ketcherside had been removed from her various positions and insisted that a background check was conducted before her appointment.

While a spokesperson acknowledged that Ketcherside had not been formally appointed to the Student Health Advisory Committee, despite her active participation in meetings and her listing on the Godley ISD website as a member, they called it as a "mistake."

This article was first published on November 29, 2023