AI will give us very 'difficult times', predicts Google boss

Google's Director of Engineering Ray Kurzwell stated that AI will enhance human intelligence greatly, but it will be very difficult to control and deal with.

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Artificial intelligence will be difficult to deal with, says Google's Director of Engineering Ray Kurzwell. Mankind will have to face "difficult episodes" to get a grip on the machine-learning, which will help them to control and channelize AI for their own goals, he cautioned.

At the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in Washington DC, Kurzwell stated that technology is and has always been a "double-edged sword." Right from the discovery of fire to the discovery of AI, science has always worked for both sides of the moral compass. Broadly speaking, science has lit up our lives as well as put our house on fire.

Carrying this concept forward, several renowned scientists and thinkers have warned humanity about relying too much on AI and robots, including Tesla's Elon Musk and physicist Stephen Hawking. The physicist has even said that AI will soon replace humans in every way, and the only way to save our species is to colonize other planets.

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The Google chief does not go to great lengths to dismiss AI's usefulness to the society. He states that AI is going to enhance us, as it is doing already. However, he did give an example of World War Two, in which massive destruction was caused by nuclear technology and the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were practically wiped out.

Kurzwell stated that we are already conjoined with machines, going by our dependence on smartphones, which he termed "brain extenders." He told the CFR, "I mean, who can do their work without these brain extenders we have today? And that's going to continue to be the case."

Previously, Kurzwell has made futuristic predictions about the world, giving him the title of "future teller", reports He had predicted 2029 as the year in which AI will pass a valid Turing test, designed by Alan Turing to test a machine's capability to exhibit intelligent behavior similar to a human.

He has also said that a 'Singularity' will be created by 2045, between man's brain and machine's awareness. "By merging with machines, our species will be able to multiply its intelligence a billion fold," he stated.

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